Disney wants to release Star Wars video games every 6 months

It is reported by Insider Gaming. According to the source, Disney and LucasArts plan to release two Star Wars games a year. Disney would like a big AAA game, as well as a slightly more original and smaller game.

Eight video games are currently known to be in development:

  • Sequel to Fallen Order, which will be called Jedi: Survivor from Respawn Entertainment.
  • AAA action-adventure film created by Amy Henning (Uncharted) and developed by Skydance Media.
  • Star Wars: Hunters, which will be released on mobile devices and Nintendo Switch in 2023. A good free PvP game where you can embody bounty hunters, rebels and stormtroopers.
  • An FPS still developed by Respawn Entertainment, perhaps Battlefront-style?
  • A strategy game developed by Respawn Entertainment that definitely has a lot of work to do in the coming years.
  • An open-world game from Ubisoft Massive that isn’t taking us anywhere at the moment.
  • Knights of the Old Republic remake with hopefully Darth Malak in 4K on PS5. The game will be developed by Saber Interactive, which arrived as reinforcements after two directors were fired and development on the game was paused.
  • Star Wars: Eclipse by Quantic Dream, an adventure game set in the era of the Upper Republic. Also, the cutscene is absolutely amazing.

Rumors, and in particular a tweet from Nick Speschal (co-founder of Xbox Era) that got deleted, also suggested that a game based on The Mandalorian was being planned, but no announcement from that side has confirmed the facts.

Here’s what we know about Disney’s desire to throw Star Wars video games at us all over the place, in addition to the dozens of Star Wars episodes already planned.

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