DJ Khaled confuses the Xbox Series S with a speaker

Sometimes memes write on their own, as is the case with a video of DJ Khaled receiving a Xbox Series S promotional. Khaled, either unfamiliar with next-gen Xbox consoles or just the DJ Khaled the public knows and loves, points to the Xbox Series S and asks, “What is a speakerphone?” ? The short video clip, which DJ Khaled shared via his Instagram story, is still making the rounds on social networks.

The promotional box that DJ Khaled received is actually quite interesting. In his Instagram story, DJ Khaled thanks LeBron James and Xbox for the gift, which provides some context for the box. It’s a personalized box that includes a variety of stuff on the theme of Space Jam: A New Legacy , like an Xbox Series X / S Wireless Controller, a pair of sneakers, a Bugs Bunny Trading Card, and the Xbox Series S itself.

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