DJI FPV drone release date, price, features and leaks

The rumors surrounding the possible launch of the DJI FPV drone have been around for quite some time now. And according to the latest leaks, the release of the company’s first “First Person View” drone could be sooner than we thought.

Unlike the DJI Mini 2, which is piloted using a controller and a smartphone, the DJI FPV drone is rumored to feature digital goggles that simultaneously receive live video transmissions from the drone’s point of view while the device is being piloted.

The speculation started back in 2019, when the company unveiled its Digital FPV System, which added a high-quality FPV system to some of its previous gen racing drones.

While the launch hasn’t been officially confirmed by DJI yet, we’ve prepared a round-up of everything we know about the new DJI FPV drone so far, including the release date, rumored price, potential features and leaks.

DJI FPV drone release date, price, features and leaks

(Image credit: Spider Monkey FPV / Youtube)

DJI FPV release date

Since the DJI FPV is still at a rumor stage, there’s been no concrete launch date set by the company just yet.

However, a recent tweet from regular DJI leaker and verified drone DJI pilot @OsitaLV suggests that the launch is “imminent”.

Back in December 2020, the leaker claimed that the new drone would arrive sometime after the Chinese New Year 2021 (February 12). And now that we’re past that date, this leads us to believe that the announcement could come at any time.

Things took a new turn when the leaker shared a ten-minute long unboxing video of the new DJI FPV, unveiling the drone’s design and build. But more on that later.

Until now, the device was rumored to arrive around Q1 2021, however, we are now seeing a more specific timeframe as to when the launch will actually take place. DroneDJ has recently reported on an accidental pre-order listing of the new DJI FPV drone on Amazon that indicates that “the item will be released on March 1, 2021”. The listing was set live on February 14th.

Prior to that, several pre-order listings on German Amazon suggested that some of the accessories to the new DJI FPV model are due to be released on March 2.

If we trust the ongoing speculation, we could potentially see the upcoming DJI FPV drone as soon as next month.

DJI FPV price

So far, we haven’t seen any confirmation regarding the cost of the rumored DJI FPV drone. We can only rely on some of the proposed and leaked price points right now.

In December 2020, DroneDJ spotted a certain Facebook post indicating that the upcoming DJI FPV drone will cost around $ 1,500 for “the standard package”. Güçlü Atamer, the user that shared the post in question, is rated as a “Rising Star” in the Official DJI Owners Facebook Group.

Since then, we’ve seen further development to the rumors when a couple of curious Amazon listings came afloat in Germany and in the UK.

On February 14th, Amazon UK published what appeared to be an accidental product listing for the new DJI FPV drone. The product page was open for users to pre-order the device for a price of £ 131.44.

While the latter price is in no way realistic, the first rumor looks a bit more believable, judging by the potential accessories and features that the company may introduce to its upcoming FPV drone.

Why do we want the DJI FPV drone?

As we mentioned earlier, the new DJI FPV drone bundle is rumored to include digital goggles, allowing you to view live images from the flying drone in first-person. So if you’ve ever wanted that immersive drone experience, the rumored DJI FPV drone is definitely for you.

DJI FPV drone release date, price, features and leaks

(Image credit: Spider Monkey FPV / Youtube)

Drone racing, a sport that’s become popular over the last decade or so. The gist of it is simple: users pilot their drones over a course of obstacles to reach the finish line as soon as possible. And with FPV enabled, participants can see from the drone’s point of view, allowing them to react to whatever comes their way more efficiently.

DJI FPV specs and rumored features

Now, when it comes to drones, the most important factors to consider are the video quality and latency. Even the tiniest delay or a lag could ruin the overall experience for the user. If there’s a significant delay in data transfer, the image that you see in the headset might differ from the one that is being captured by the drone.

Most First Person View systems use analog signals to achieve a seamless and low latency transmission. On the other hand, this results in lower quality images.

DJI FPV drone news

(Image credit: Spider Monkey FPV / Youtube)

DJI pursued another approach with its Digital FPV system. DJI’s FPV system delivers super-low latency signals. Its cameras record video at 1080p / 60fps, which is then transmitted to its FPV goggles that show live video at 720p / 120fps.

While there hasn’t been a clear announcement regarding the specs of the DJI FPV drone, we’ve seen a handful of information from a regular DJI leaker @OsitaLV.

Back in December 2020, the leaker speculated that the upcoming DJI FPV drone may include 4K / 60fps video recording, similar to the DJI Mini 2. @OsitaLV suggested that the drone might feature 5-inch propellers which can allow it to reach maximum speeds of 93 mph. The leaker also shared that the new system may have a “built-in camera with remote-adjustable title angle”. This indicates that the new DJI FPV drone may be suitable for both racing and video capturing, both of which @OsitaLV put to the test in a recent flight clip:

Earlier, we touched on a recent tweet from @OsitaLV that shared a full ten-minute long unboxing video of the alleged DJI FPV drone unveiling its design, features and accessories included in the bundle.

According to the leaker, the DJI FPV combo will include a new drone model, FPV goggles and a controller. The drone appears to have a compact and minimalist design, while the headset and controller resemble gaming accessories. However, @OsitaLV highlighted that the model he unboxed was a working demo version of the final product, so we may still see minor changes to design (if any).

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