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In the VPN world, some stand out. This is especially true for NordVPN, which is great for both your security and your relaxation.

You probably already know this, but in the area of ​​cybersecurity, VPNs have clearly stolen the spotlight from antivirus. These tools, which are more complete and more accessible, ensure your online security in the best possible way. But VPNs also go beyond antivirus as they allow you to access more free web browsing.

This is especially true for NordVPN, a well-known provider. The latter was founded in 2012 and has used its 10 years of experience for incredible growth. And if he enjoys such success with Internet users, we will explain to you that this is not accidental.

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Online freedom in one click with NordVPN

There are a lot of NordVPN users, and most of them are mainly interested in freer browsing. With this VPN, the whole world is just a click away thanks to its extensive infrastructure. These infrastructures include more than 5,600 servers distributed in approximately sixty countries around the world.

And it’s very helpful. Indeed, while offering you the ability to connect in many countries, NordVPN allows you to change your IP address in order to change your intended location on the network. Thus, you can bypass all geo-blocking and censorship existing on the network.

For example, you can unblock Netflix foreign foreign content, including the American catalog, by connecting the VPN to the United States, as well as TV channels, websites, or even geo-restricted game servers. This also applies when you travel: NordVPN offers you the option to be in France to continue accessing your local services and content.

Plus, its Tor-optimized Onion Over VPN servers let you surf the dark web in complete privacy. If you’re interested in this kind of functionality, know that now is the perfect time to subscribe because NordVPN is registering a -60% discount valid on the two-year plan, which is only 2.89 euros per month vs. 7.29 euros in regular mode.

The NordVPN app also makes it very easy for you to access these features from anywhere as it is compatible with computer, tablet, smartphone as well as smart TV or connected box. Moreover, with one account, you can connect up to 6 devices at the same time. Enough to equip all the devices in your home, and even help out your friends at no extra cost if needed. So in terms of freedom, NordVPN is very strong, but it doesn’t stop there.

NordVPN is the best software for your online security

Bypassing geoblocks and censorship is NordVPN’s undeniable advantage. But the main feature of any self-respecting VPN is security. So what does NordVPN offer you at this level? No wonder it’s great. To protect you online, NordVPN works on several levels.

First, it creates a secure VPN tunnel so no one can read your browsing data. At the same time, it completely masks your IP address so that your identity or location cannot be traced. This will allow you to browse anonymously, which is a big plus.

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However, NordVPN’s security features don’t stop there. This software, in particular, has a Kill Switch feature that will pause your traffic if you disconnect from the VPN. This will prevent inadvertent disclosure of your data. Also note that NordVPN displays an option called Double VPN which passes your data through two separate servers to increase your security as well as your privacy.

In addition, NordVPN stands out from the rest with its Threat Protection, which is a VPN-specific feature that protects you from dangerous sites, pop-up ads, trackers, and infected files. Here it seems important to us to remember that this quality of service is available at a low price: two years for 69.36 euros instead of the usual almost 175 euros.

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This offer also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can get started and test your VPN with peace of mind. That’s why NordVPN offers you secure and completely free browsing through an easy-to-use app at a bargain price.

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