Do your Max! Consume well, consume better. Episode 3: The Spa

Max is a cool guy who does his best, but he can do more. If, like him, you have a spa or are thinking of getting one, follow the advice presented in this video and do your best to save energy!

Did you know that using your spa, summer or winter, can cost you more than $ 500 in electricity per year? To save on your consumption, here is what you can do.

Choose a spa made of insulating materials

If you plan to use your spa in the winter, make sure it is designed for this purpose. Otherwise, you risk ending up with a steep electricity bill! A combination of spray urethane foam, insulation panels and thermal reflectors between the shell and the exterior siding is the ideal option.

Do you plan to use your spa only in the summer? You could save up to $ 250 per year if you overwinter in the cold season.

Close the lid!

The insulation of the cover also has an influence on the energy efficiency of your spa. Choose a rigid one, at least 10 cm (4 in) thick and well insulated to avoid heat loss and reduce the energy consumption required for heating the water.

Summer and winter, close the cover as soon as you leave the spa so that it retains its heat.

Set your spa to standby mode

To reduce your energy consumption, put the set temperature (ideal temperature) in standby mode at night or when you know you will not be using your spa for a while.

Install your spa in the right place

Ideally, choose a sunny location, away from electric wires, sheltered from the wind and bad weather. This location must be easily accessible, clear and close to the house, especially if you use your spa in the winter. To avoid voltage drops that could damage its motor, it is better that you install it near the electrical panel.

Do you want other tips to optimize the use of your spa? Good thing, Protégez-Vous and Hydro-Québec have plenty!

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This content is offered by Protégez-Vous in collaboration with Hydro-Québec.


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