Docaposte acquires the certification activity for individuals from DocuSign France

Docaposte acquires the electronic certification activity for natural persons from DocuSign. The activity will be resumed within Certinomis, Docaposte’s center of expertise for electronic signature, time stamping and digital identity, specifies the digital subsidiary of La Poste in a press release.

Certinomis provides a set of services to guarantee the identity of the participants in an electronic exchange, give it a certain date and generate legally enforceable documents. This pole generated a turnover of 6.7 million euros in 2019, for more than 25,000 professional customers (companies, administrations, associations, local authorities), indicates the group.

DocuSign is best known for its legal electronic signature solution, used by organizations to send and digitally sign documents from a PC or phone. Since the start of the school year, this tool – already integrated into Microsoft Office and Google Cloud – has also been made available in Workplace by Facebook, the professional collaborative platform managed by the social network.

DocuSign has also launched its “Agreement Cloud” offer, a suite that brings together more than 12 applications and 350 integrations covering the entire process (preparation, signature, execution, management) necessary for the conclusion of an agreement.

Docaposte pursues its expansion strategy

With this acquisition, Docaposte hopes to strengthen its position in the electronic certification market and more generally in activities related to “digital trust”, in terms of online voting, dematerialization, digital archiving, electronic registered letter or even digital identity.

“This acquisition allows Certinomis to consolidate its status as the benchmark certification authority in France and represents an opportunity for Docaposte to further assert its leadership in digital trust activities” specifies François Chassery, CEO of Certinomis.

With the emphasis on the dematerialization of organizations, including all sectors, Docaposte is pursuing an external growth strategy, with the acquisitions of Softeam Group, specialist in finance, banking and insurance, Arkhineo, formerly a subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts specializing in digital archiving for probationary purposes, or even Voxaly, specialist in electronic voting.

Also HDS certified, the company hosts nearly 45 million health records. In particular, Docaposte announced, at the beginning of September, the acquisition of InAdvans to consolidate on the secure management of health data.

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