Doctolib: Healthcare Mission and Innovation Envelope

Starting with the 2019 Pacte law, companies have the ability to define themselves as companies with a mission. According to the observatory of these organizations, there are 990 of them in France, including such giants as Danone.

This optional status allows companies to set “multiple social and environmental goals”. Thus, for Doctolib, the defined missions are to “contribute to the improvement of the daily lives of healthcare professionals and the health of patients.”

Doctolib shows off its ambitions for 2023

Thus, in 2023, the French nugget becomes a company with a mission. And various reasons already allow him to declare his ambitions “to be a useful, reliable service accessible to everyone.”

According to an Ifop survey, Doctolib boasts for two consecutive years “the service that most improves the daily life of the French.” Its use should be more inclusive and also serve millions of patients across the country, not just in major cities. Finally, Doctolib has 340,000 personal health service users.

But to what specific purpose does the decision to become a company with a mission fit? It is primarily symbolic. However, to ensure that it goes beyond the symbol, the startup is committed to achieving social and environmental goals.

Above all, these goals will be “quantified, measurable and transparently communicated every year.” Their proper implementation will also be entrusted to an independent mission committee.

Its implementation is planned within a year. Its composition is yet to be determined. The company indicates that it will include “a dozen people” with various profiles representing patient associations, medical professionals and medical social associations. Employees will also be members.

92 million euros for seven priority projects, including security

To give credence to these intentions, Stanislas Niox-Château, co-founder of Doctolib, is also announcing a €92 million envelope. This amount will go in 2023 to finance innovation.

This budget is directed, for example, to “offering new services”. Innovations will affect seven areas, including cybersecurity. Thus, Doctolib plans developments aimed at combating undeserved appointments.

In its Doctolib Médecin software, the startup wants to integrate new features (billing and patient follow-up) to reach other specialties and healthcare professionals.

Organizations are willing to take on the status of a company with a mission that is useful in terms of communication and not very restrictive. Entrepreneurs and bosses, on the other hand, are very reluctant to share added value and accept “employee dividends.”

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