Doctolib: two fake psychiatrists were able to practice, an investigation began in Montpellier – Sciences et Avenir

In July, an investigation into “illegal medical practices” was launched against two people who posed as child psychiatrists on the medical prescription platform Doctolib, the Montpellier prosecutor’s office said, confirming France Inter’s information.

The mother-of-two filed a complaint in early July after consulting a fake child psychiatrist and her replacement via Doctolib to get a prescription for medication for her two children suffering from attention disorder (ADHD), AFP confirmed. I am Madeleine Archimbaud, the applicant’s lawyer.

“This case had a huge impact on my client,” the lawyer explained. “We put this whole case together because she really thought she would have to deal with a real doctor, because she went through the Doctolib platform. Not from a simple therapist.” , and from the child psychiatrist the facts are serious. It is in the hands of the prosecutor’s office,” she added.

The Council of the Order of Physicians of Hérault also filed a complaint about “illegal medical practice”.

Two fake child psychiatrists registered on Doctolib were supposed to be providing consultations before the platform terminated their subscription and deleted their profile in early July, Council President Dr Philip Catala told AFP.

“We were shocked at the lack of control over practitioners by Doctolib. Then they deleted the profile and terminated the subscription, but we are surprised by the registration process on this platform. It must be strengthened,” warned Dr. Philip Catala. .

This dual complaint came at a time when Doctolib was being accused of citing naturopaths with dubious practices.

On Tuesday, the Order of Physicians asked the company to tighten ethical rules for registering on the platform.

On Thursday, the platform announced that no appointments can now be made on Doctolib until the practice eligibility check goes into effect.

To do this, Doctolib has decided to cancel the 15-day period that was previously given to medical professionals so that newcomers can start making appointments before opening their practice.

It was during this period that two false child psychiatrists were able to consult.

“The general public should also have the reflex to go to the website of the Council of the Order, which lists all the doctors who can practice. It’s disappointing that a company like Doctolib that knows this principle doesn’t do it. automatically,” Dr. Catala said, adding that complaints about people using fake diplomas are common.

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