Dogelon Mars: a cryptocurrency with the effigy of Elon Musk!

That’s it, Elon Musk’s cryptocurrency has been created! If everything the spinning head of Space X touches turns to gold, it would seem that its name alone is enough to ensure success now. Proof of this is the cryptocurrency that bears its image, the Dogelon Mars. With a growth of more than 3,500%, it is emerging as one of the main players in the cryptocurrency market.

What is the Dogelon Mars?

This cryptocurrency, launched in May 2021, is a coin meme based on the Ethereum blockchain. Although Elon Musk did not pretend to be at the origin of its creation, the name of this virtual currency pays great tribute to him. Yes, Dogelon is neither more nor less than the contraction between Dogecoin and Elon. Mars evokes the SpaceX founder’s desire for colonization of Mars.

First thought of as a joke, this project has taken on an unexpected scale. To the point of getting serious? Zoom into the Dogelon Mars …

An interplanetary ambition for this corner of memes

The creators of this crypto show interplanetary ambitions. In fact, much more than a simple token, they want to see it as the first interplanetary currency. The latter is intended to be used in particular for … traveling to Mars. The Elon Musk tribute is complete here and the project is a joke. But a joke can be too serious …

Dogelon Mars: A Joke Worth It

Initially, the project is quite implausible. To be convinced, you just have to go to the site dedicated to cryptocurrencies. We find there (on the page about) the fantastic genesis of the creation of the Dogelon Mars. If we are to believe the latter, the cryptocurrency would be the work of a man named “Dogelon Mars (…) born in the year 2420” in March. So far nothing very serious. And yet …

Just released, the Dogelon Mars has attracted quite a few investors. Created in May 2021, the cryptocurrency is growing exponentially. It has taken over 3,500% since its inception, including 1,000% in the month of October alone. This growth is unprecedented even for the same currency. In fact, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin only saw growth of 88% and 19% respectively during the same period.

The Dogelon Mars has experienced such growth that it has even entered the top 100 of the most important cryptocurrencies.

Le Dogelon Available on and Other Platforms – A Gateway to the Big Leagues

This dazzling increase in value allowed the Dogelon Mars to enter the big leagues. Now capitalized at $ 1.15 billion, the cryptocurrency is available for exchange on and other cryptocurrency trading giants. Although still far from Dogecoin or Bitcoin it has managed to register in just 6 months among the most important.

This enthusiasm naturally leads one to wonder if it is an investment opportunity.

Dogelon Mars: An opportunity for investors?

For an investor who expects growths like those experienced by Shiba or Dogecoin, Dogelon might seem like an opportunity.

With more than 100,000 holders, the virtual currency seems to guarantee a sufficient distribution of all tokens. These figures are more than encouraging because it means that the risk of devaluation is diluted. In fact, there is little chance that its price will fall massively after the massive purchase by large investors.

Be careful though, the various experts agree on the vigilance to be exercised as to the effect of the commotion surrounding this shitty corner.

Skepticism among experts: an exaggerated effect in the same corners

Cryptocurrency trading experts agree on the matter. They regret the introduction of this same coin in the ranking of the 100 most important cryptocurrencies. And for good reason, with the Shiba Inu and the Dogecoin, this is the third shitty coin to enter this prestigious ranking and which risks damaging the price of all “serious” cryptocurrencies.

Some even cry scam, claiming that they have no possibility to resell their tokens.

In short, the Dogelon Mars looks interesting but this same coin has yet, like any cryptocurrency, to be approached with vigilance. Its exponential inflation and numerous exchanges arouse fears of a short-lived hype.

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