Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! : the list of trophies is available

News tip Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! : the list of trophies is available

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! releases on consoles and PC on June 30th. On this occasion, we reveal to you the list of trophies of the visual novel developed by Team Salvato.

Find below the list of 19 trophies (including 11 hidden) from Doki Doki Literature Club Plus !, available June 30 on PlayStation 5 (2 bronze, 7 silver, 9 gold and 1 platinum). Certain titles of trophies which may spoil the history of the game, do not continue if you want to find out everything for yourself.

Bronze trophies (2)

  • Ruin everything

    Ruin the game.

  • No

    Choose not to abandon DDLC.

Silver trophies (7)

  • Start a New Game

    Start a new game.

  • Any% WR attempts

    Write a poem in 20 seconds or less.

  • She will never be real

    Listen to what Monika has to say a lot.

  • Doki Doki Poetry Slam

    Spend enough time during the poem mini-game for the music to restart.

  • Error

    Your desktop wallpaper could not be changed due to an administrative restriction on this computer. For more information, contact your system administrator.

  • Buy my mixtape

    Spend 20 minutes listening to music on the desktop.

  • 2-Stocked

    Delete Monika twice, without getting deleted once.

Gold trophies (9)

  • Perfect! Sayori

    Write a perfect poem for Sayori.

  • Perfect! Natsuki

    Write a perfect poem for Natsuki.

  • Perfect! Yuri

    Write a perfect poem for Yuri.

  • Perfect! Monika

    Write a perfect poem for Monika.

  • Friendship and Literature

    Finish all side stories.

  • Breakthrough

    Achieve 100% data collection.

  • Thank you

    With love, Monika

  • Dan says hi

    Find Dan’s special note.

  • Stonks

    Examine Paula’s project plan.

Platinum Trophy (1)

  • Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! Platinum

    Good work! You have completed all the tasks!

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