Dominance: £5 billion lawsuit against Sony and Playstation in the UK

Sony has been accused of charging too high commissions on its video game products, which have become the main entertainment sold by Sony in the UK.

Japanese electronics and video game giant Sony is the target of a £5bn (€5.9bn) class action lawsuit in the United Kingdom for abuse of dominance in software sold on its Playstation.

The complaint was filed on August 19 with the Competition Court of Appeal by Alex Neal, chief executive of consumer protection website Resolve, on behalf of nearly 9 million Sony PlayStation buyers in the UK, following a statement posted on the site on Monday addressing the lawsuits.

The lawsuit accuses Sony and Playstation of violating competition laws and “robbing people” by charging a 30% commission on every digital game or in-game purchase from the Playstation store.

Overpriced Games

“Video games are now the main form of entertainment in the UK, ahead of television, video and music. […]. Sony stock is costing people millions they can’t afford to spend, especially as we go through a cost-of-living crisis,” Neal said in a statement.

Sony representatives were unable to immediately comment on the complaint.

For its part, video game maker Epic Games, which publishes Fortnite, is arguing with American giant Apple, especially in the United Kingdom, over the issue of commissions paid by publishers on each sale. In late November, Apple received an order from a US federal judge to change the business model of its App Store, but the group filed an appeal against the decision.

Victoria Bernese with AFP

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