Donate game consoles to Manitoba hospitals in memory of his son

The project was born in the mind of Joey Halldorsson when he saw how his son Corbin got bored with the reader. Blue Ray who was in his hospital room. The teenager wanted not to watch movies, but to play video games.

To remedy the situation, Mr. Halldorsson decided to bring the console game console on one of Corbyn’s hospitalizations. Immediately the father saw how much this entertainment helped his son in the most difficult times.

It was the only thing that really allowed him to think about anything but muscular dystrophy or pain.Joey Holdorsson recalls. It also allowed me and his mom to breathe a little. [en le voyant s’amuser].

“Corbin would be so happy to know that the children of the province are getting the game consoles that he thought they should have,” says Joey Halldorsson.

Photo: courtesy of Joey Halldorsson

Although Corbin was delighted with his game console, he could not understand why other children in the hospital were not as lucky as he was.

That’s when I told him “One day you and me, we’ll make a difference”Halldorsson says.

I didn’t have time to make a difference with Corbin, but it was very important for him and for me. »

Quote from Joey Halldorsson

Here’s How Manitobans Organized a Crowdfunding Campaign Corbin’s Wish with which he wants to raise money to buy consoles in memory of his son.

So far, he has managed to raise over $10,000.

He has already built a mobile gaming station, consisting of prefix5 and a TV that he shipped to Winnipeg Children’s Hospital in late December.

From what they told me, they liked itsays Joey Halldorsson, who hopes his initiative will also help nurses by keeping the kids happy and busy.

In the long term, he hopes to be able to send at least one or two of these mobile stations to every hospital and infirmary in the province.

While his crowdfunding campaign is due to end on February 1st, he would like to continue with it to ensure consoles and games stay relevant.

Sometimes I feel like I’m overworked, but that’s good.assures Mr. Halldorsson.

The latter clarifies that all the money raised goes to the implementation of his project. He also invites hospitals who want to have a gaming station to contact him. As soon as consoles are delivered to hospitals, they become their owners.

Corbyn would be so happy to know that kids across the province are getting the game consoles he thought they should have.rejoices Joey Halldorsson.

According to Erin Broman

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