Donner Dobuds ONE ANC True Wireless TWS Earbuds $50

Donner Dobuds ONE wireless headphones are available in four colors: matte black, mint green, snow white and navy blue. Equipped with digital active noise reduction and a deep learning algorithm, Donner Dobuds ONE delivers an astounding 30dB of total noise reduction for “crystalclear sound regardless of distractions,” says Donner, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in music without noise. World.

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Donner Dobuds ONE Wireless Headphones

“Dobuds ONE also uses ENC dualmic beamforming and Wind Noise Resistant technology to ensure silent phone calls. Each earpiece contains four builtin microphones, two of which are used to measure and process environmental sounds, respectively. This avoids wind noise in windy areas, combined with the antinoise design on the outside of the headphones and the operation of the unique iOS/Android Donner Control app.”

Dobuds ONE ANC Wireless Headphones

“Donner Dobuds ONE also features an app for the iOS and Android platforms that adds new levels of enjoyment to your music with access to six Donner EQ presets and additional customizable EQ modes. Through the Donner Control app, customers can increase or decrease certain frequencies according to their personal preferences. This allows customers to customize the sound according to the type of music they listen to, such as pop, electronic, classical, and more. “

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“Dynamic drivers are good for warm sound with strong bass, but they lack detail in the upper frequencies, resulting in an unbalanced sound.” Sutter Zhao, product manager for Donner Headphones, said. “With a hybrid design consisting of 1 large dynamic driver for rich bass response and 1 custom balanced armature driver for thinner highs, Dobuds ONE effectively delivers the sparkling details of your music, offering a more balanced and layered sound. ”

Source: DonnerMusic

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