Don’t leave me (Canal+): who are the actors in this new series?

The series “Don’t Leave Me” is likely to be talked about. Successful screenwriters, selected cast … The series has everything that a great one can offer. But by the way, who are his actors?

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Episodes of Don’t Leave Me, Canal+’s new event series, are available from Monday, July 25 on the streaming platform. This Italian thriller is signed by the creators of Gomorrah, a guarantee of quality. On the “Don’t Leave Me” poster, we see Vittoria Puccini and Alessandro Roja as investigators, supported in their investigation by Sarah Felberbaum and Eugenio Franceschini. But who are they really? Vittoria Puccini’s face, which gives Elena’s features, might tell you something, and for good reason! The actress is especially known for playing the role of prosecutor Elena Guerra in another Italian series available on Netflix: Il Processo with Michele Morrone. In another leading role, Daniele, we find Alessandro Roya, who starred in the TV series Romanzo Criminale.

Don’t Leave Me: Which Actors Play Secondary Characters?

Other characters gravitate toward the Elena-Daniele duo, starting with Julia, Elena’s former best friend and now Daniel’s wife. He is played by actress Sarah Felberbaum. She was notably seen in the Medici: Masters of Florence series. Another reason she is famous is because she is the wife of former international soccer player Daniele De Rossi. As for Eugenio Franceschini, if he is little known in France, at the age of 30 he is already making a successful career in Italy.

Don’t Leave Me: Captivating Italian Thriller on Canal+

In 8 episodes of 52 minutes, “Don’t Leave Me” plunges the viewer into the heart of Venice, where investigators seek to eliminate a cyber-pedorographic child trafficking network on the dark web. Young idle Italians are indeed sold as common goods by men who trap them in their nets pretending to be girls. The first episode also literally begins in the nets of a fisherman, into which the corpse of a child falls. A macabre revelation for Daniele, a Crime Squad cop who prefers to believe in suicide, until the arrival of Elena, his childhood sweetheart, who has become an expert on juvenile delinquency.

The full series can be found on the Canal+ website.

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