Don’t leave me, what is this exciting new series from the makers of Gomorrah?

She appeared on Canal+ on July 25. “Don’t Leave Me” arouses the curiosity of the Gomorrans, the same screenwriters, but not only. The series is already talking about it in the middle of summer because of its dive into the heart of Venice and its darkest side. The original creation of the French channel may well change your idea of ​​La Sérénissime.

Immersed in the unsettling or even unsettling atmosphere of the trailer for Don’t Leave Me, the viewer finds himself in the world of Leonardo Fazoli and Maddalena Ravaglia, to whom we already owe, among other things, explosive Gomorrah. In this new series, the two writers once again take an interest in Italian society and its dark side, in particular by exploring the dark web. Offered once again exclusively on Canal+, Don’t Leave Me takes us into the heart of the pedophile network, the floating city of Venice.

Announced as a real thrilling detective thriller in the heart of Venice, the series, which just hit the encrypted channel at the end of July, is amazing. Firstly, thanks to the oppressive soundtrack and the play of chiaroscuro that takes place in the first frames of the trailer. Thus, fans of the detective genre will be able to find all the codes of the classic investigative investigation, mixed with questions of human relations between various characters.

Moreover, at the helm are the real experts in the genre, Leonardo Fazoli and Maddalena Ravagli, who signed Brigade Anti-Drogue in 2011, Gomorrah in 2014, Maltese in 2017 and ZeroZeroZero in 2020. obviously Gomorrah who made the most talk about him. The highly acclaimed third season of the series had an even bigger impact than the sixth season of the monumental Game of Thrones in Italy. A real creative feat. The success was so great that the new projects of its initiators are now being looked at by fans of the genre. Becoming experts in the detective series as they define themselves over time and through their creations, the two investigative geniuses thus decided to present non-Italians to the Queen of the Adriatic in a different way, and this is why it features prominently on Canal+. .

Emergency Police Investigation in Venice

To set the stage for a thrilling new detective series, Leonardo Fasoli and Maddalena Ravagli have again chosen Italy, but this time in the fantastic city of Venice. One with at least 438 bridges that supports its inhabitants through both maritime trade and mass tourism. The decorations of La Sérénissime are enough to seduce those who watch it and make them travel in the summer without leaving their apartment. But it is also an opportunity to discover Venice in a different way, perhaps closer to the vision of the Italians.

If you’re hesitant to jump into the frantic watching of this series, don’t be intimidated by the field and get ready for a good dose of action and emotion amid typical Italian scenes. The color is explicitly stated by the French channel for this original creation:

“There is a virtual market where everything is sold: drugs, weapons, organs… and even children. Elena, an Italian policewoman, is on the trail of a powerful organized movement,” says Canal+.

In an interview with Télérama, the two writers of the project explained that they like to look in the convolutions of humanity for what induces people to commit such crimes. Oh Don’t leave me, they soberly state: “We are interested in the dark side of man.” Thus, thanks to this creation of Canal +, the viewer is sent to meet the most terrible abyss of the human spirit.

Sources: L’Éclaireur Fnac, Télérama, Canal+.

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