Dontnod: Dontnod studio becomes video game publisher by partnering with Danes

(BFM Bourse) – The independent French video game creation and development studio continues its transformation and embarks on publishing in the form of a co-production with Danish studio PortaPlay, in which Dontnod will hold the majority of the rights.

Listed on the stock market in 2018 to give itself the financial means to support the development of its games, Dontnod sees its strategy materialize with the announcement today of its launch in the publishing of games from third-party developers through a co-production with the studio. Portaplay. The tricolor studio “independent of creation, development and edition of video games” (the “edition” part has just been added by Dontnod, the group still qualifying itself only as a “creation and development” studio in its point activity published last week) and the Canadian development studio “are” proud to announce their collaboration. “Dontnod will publish the next game of PortaPlay developed as a co-production in which Dontnod holds the majority of the rights” specifies the press release.

“As expected and following the example of what is also produced by Quantic (the studio Quantic Dream, in particular author of” Detroit: Become Human “, Editor’s note), Dontnod has decided to assert its independent status by becoming a publisher of ‘a game that will be developed by an external studio “notes Charles-Louis Planade, analyst in charge of the file at Midcap. The latter maintains its recommendation to buy and its target at 26 euros, suggesting a potential increase of 62% compared to its price the day before closing. And despite this long-awaited announcement, the title shows a modest increase of 1.6% to 16.3 euros.

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To support its publisher ambitions, Dontnod announced last year the opening of departments dedicated to publishing and marketing, two new branches to allow the Parisian group to support future game releases, developed in-house or by external studios. The implementation of a self-publishing model aims to capture a larger share of revenue by not having a publisher to pay when, until then, the French studio was only remunerated by royalties agreed in advance. with the publisher during the development of a title, then by royalties on sales, the publisher taking on his account the marketing and distribution costs.

As part of this partnership, Dontnod “will provide PortaPlay with its know-how and the experience acquired with its previous titles (the French studio is notably renowned for its adventure game Life Is Strange published by the Japanese Square Enix and sold more than 3 million copies all media combined, editor’s note) in order to support this original creation in its development and marketing “. “This new collaboration contributes positively to the value creation potential of the studio-publisher which, through this controlled co-production, with a team of ten developers, incorporates additional intellectual property to its credit and enriches its program of releases. games beyond its internal production capacities “underlines Dontnod (for” Don’t Nod Entertainment “).

“Extend our portfolio with a complementary game”

“As a publisher, we want to offer players experiences that are both accessible to the greatest number of people and demanding in their themes and the quality of their design” explains Xavier Spinat, director of the publishing division at Dontnod. From this perspective, “it became clear from the first discussions with PortaPlay that co-producing and editing this original creation would allow us to extend our portfolio with a game complementary to our internal productions while remaining faithful to our DNA” he believes. .

On the PortaPlay side, development director Hans von Knut Skovfoged is also enthusiastic about this new partnership, which represents “a great opportunity”. “It not only gives us the opportunity to communicate with all the fans of the fantastic Dontnod game catalog (Life is Strange therefore, but also Vampyr – published by Focus Home Interactive, Twin Mirror or even Tell Me Why, published by Microsoft, Editor’s note) but it also allows us to work with some of the best talent in this field – to help us improve our game and give players the best possible experience, ”he explains.

“Few elements have filtered out on this game except that it is already advanced and of a lower budget than those usually practiced by the group, hence a launch that we believe could arrive on the horizon. 2023 “suggests Charles-Louis Planade, according to whom” the game should be in the vein of Dontnod’s portfolio, and therefore have a solid narrative “.

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