Dontnod Entertainment opens new office in Montreal

The independent French studio at the origin of the Life is Strange saga announces that it will export internationally with the opening of a new office located in Montreal.

By installing its new premises across the Atlantic, Dontnod Entertainment hopes to forge a stronger bond with its community of North American players, presented as the main audience of its productions. With more than 250 employees in France, the creators of Remember Me, Vampyr and Life is Strange plan to welcome new talents – mainly local – to their Montreal team. And with this new office, a new project will be added. Oskar Guilbert, Chairman and CEO of the studio, says:

We are very pleased with the idea of ​​creating a new office in Montreal, which will complement the talented team already present in Paris. Our goal is to create games that are as close as possible to the expectations of our community. With an international team, we can develop even more ambitious titles and continue to write great stories for our players.

As a reminder, Dontnod has also been working for a few years on Twin Mirror, a thriller following the journey of Sam, an investigative journalist waking up alone and without memories in a hotel, his shirt stained with blood.

Life is Strange: Its journey by its developers

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