Doom Eternal reportedly grossed $ 450 million in 9 months

The latest from id Software studio, Doom Eternal, is the sequel to the first installment of the reboot released in 2016. The latest adventures of the Doom Slayer have been a real success that has established itself among the best games of 2020 in the hearts of many players. The first extension of the title, The Ancient Gods – Episode 1 has been available since October, the month in which Doom Eternal integrated Xbox Game Pass for console. The tit

We already knew through Bethesda that the title had achieved the best start of the franchise, doubling the numbers achieved by its predecessor in 2016. We learn from the site Will reset that an employee of the studio in charge of the monetization of the game revealed the sum reported by Doom Eternal during the 9 months following its release: 450 million dollars or approximately 373 million euros. The information has since been removed from the profile LinkedIn from the Monetization Designer.

These numbers are not final: additional content has yet to arrive to extend the story with The Ancient Gods, Episode 2. An optimized version for Xbox Series X | S has also been announced in 2020, but no date has been given by the studio.

Doom Eternal is available on the Microsoft Store for € 69.99 for Xbox, € 59.99 for PC and is included with Xbox Game Pass for console, PC, and xCloud.

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