Doubly vaccinated and in good shape at 73 – contaminated to death by your anti-vaccine heat pump salesman

MONT-LAURIER | A 73-year-old man still in shape died a few days from COVID after the visit of an unvaccinated heating company employee who carried the virus and who did not comply with health measures.

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“We weren’t expecting it … It’s shocking! We have been vaccinated, we protect ourselves from the beginning, we are careful, we avoid certain places and we have someone who comes to us who gives us [la COVID-19]. It’s free and it cost my husband his life, ”says Nicole Mayer-Doré, who lost her partner on October 3 due to respiratory complications from COVID.

On September 15, Ms Mayer-Doré and her husband Raymond Doré were visited by an appraiser for a heating company in Mont-Laurier, in the Laurentians, where they live.

« [L’employé] He spent about 40-45 minutes moving around the house and with the mask under his nose. Not once did she put it on correctly, ”says the 73-year-old woman who had just celebrated 50 years of marriage to her husband.

Without news from the employer the next day, the family contacts the company and learns that the worker is ill. After several days of silence from the company, it is through questioning that Mr. Doré and his family found out that he was a carrier of COVID-19, which the company confirmed to the newspaper.

In addition, the employee in question does not hide his condemnations against anti-vaccination and health measures on social media.


At the same time, Raymond Doré had to be hospitalized to undergo various health tests, in particular for his arrhythmia and some episodes of pressure drop.

“At that time my father had a positive COVID test [le 24 septembre]. Our arms have fallen on us. Suddenly, his condition deteriorated rapidly and in less than two weeks he died ”, explains one of the three daughters of the eldest, Isabelle Doré.

According to the latter, due to poor oxygenation, the 73-year-old man had to be temporarily intubated to be transferred to Saint-Jérôme hospital on September 29.

“His lungs were completely destroyed [par le virus], he needed too much help and didn’t want to be ruthless so we had to let him go [le 3 octobre] Mrs Mayer-Doré added, wiping away her tears.

15 years older

The Magazine could not scientifically confirm where the contamination came from, for which we do not name the company or the employee, but everything indicates that the family’s hypothesis is true.

For family members, who have undergone full tests and have not had a positive case, it is clear that the contamination occurred when the employee showed up to make the presentation.

“My father did not see anyone, he did not make the purchase and he respected the security measures!” I could have lived at least 15 more years ”, thinks the youngest of the family, Stéphanie Doré.

For his wife, the feeling of guilt is very strong.

“I blame myself so much … I should have asked him to wear his mask properly, to wash his hands.” But I told myself that I was young, in good health and that I would not go to people without getting vaccinated and being sick, ”she says.


The president of the Association des microbiologistes du Québec, Christian Jacob, believes that by not being vaccinated and by not wearing his mask correctly, the company employee has eliminated two important barrier gestures that could lead to contamination.

“It’s probably a perfectly preventable death,” he explains.

For the three daughters and the wife of Raymond Doré, the population should not hesitate to ask people who come to their homes to show their credentials with proof of vaccination.

“We pay dearly to find out and I do not want it to happen to others, we should not be ashamed to reject people who are not vaccinated at home,” says Isabelle Doré, the youngest of the sisters.

A third dose for seniors at home.

Vaccinated seniors living at home should get a third dose soon, experts and the family of a fully vaccinated senior who died of COVID-19 argue.

“We must give the third dose to our elders, we must protect them,” says Isabelle Doré, one of the daughters of a 73-year-old man who died of complications from the disease.

For Dr. Quoc Dinh Nguyen, geriatrician and epidemiologist, we must first remember that vaccines work very well, even if they are not 100% effective.

He points out that several authorities comparable to those in Quebec are planning a third dose, as the antibodies produced after vaccination decrease over time.

“Being in a nursing home or at home when you are over 70 years old, you still run the risk of developing a serious form of the disease, hence the relevance of a third dose for people at risk,” he explains.

More accurate information

For his part, Dr. David Lussier would like the government to clearly indicate who the people are who are currently dying.

“We do not know how many people die twice vaccinated, this information is needed,” he said.

For Christian Jacob, president of the Association des microbiologistes du Québec, we must first promote the two doses for everyone before thinking about the third dose.

“We are more likely to limit the spread by vaccinating everyone than by giving a third dose,” he thinks.

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