Dragon Age 4: Game region revealed in official artbook?

Game news Dragon Age 4: Game region revealed in official artbook?

Teased for a long time, Dragon Age 4, quite simply named Dragon Age by BioWare, recently took advantage of the Game Awards to give very small news.

During the ceremony, we were treated to a trailer, presenting the ambiance while letting Solas appear, already present in Dragon Age Inquisition. Today, we learn thanks to our colleagues fromEurogamer that Dragon Age 4 might take place within Tévinter, an empire ruled by the Tévintide dynasty. Indeed, the site has apparently had access to an artbook celebrating 25 years of BioWare, in which interesting information appears. These were published by the journalist Tom phillips, and we read in particular that the project codenamed Morrison. The description in the pages of the book is also quite clear:

The Dragon Age team is working hard on Morrison, the codename given to the highly anticipated sequel to Dragon Age Inquisition. The title, led by producer Mark Darrah (who left the studio in early December), will take players to Tévinter, as the events of Inquisition and (DLC) Trespasser threaten to change Thedas forever.

Among the illustrations that could be seen, it seems that they present the city of Antiva, an assassin “famous for his mastery of elegant murder”, the guild of treasure hunters born in Rivain or the city of Nevarra. It will obviously be necessary wait for confirmation from the studio, but all these clues corroborate those left behind at the end of Dragon Age Inquisition.

By MalloDelic, Journalist


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