Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Unable to Play on Xbox Series, Bandai Namco Responds

The Xbox Series X|S will have to do without the next-gen version of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. A huge problem is the delay in Bandai Namco’s plans for the Bardock update, Season Pass, and DLC.

PS5 and Dragon Ball Z Kakarot owners can enjoy new content. On the other hand, Xbox Series X|S owners will have to wait longer.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot canceled release on Xbox Series X|S

Due to a major technical issue on the Xbox Series X|S consoles, Bandai Namco was forced to cancel the release of the next generation version of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, as well as the release of the Season Pass 2 and therefore the Bardock DLC.

Due to technical difficulties, customers who have the Xbox One version of DBZ Kakarot on their Xbox Series X|S consoles are experiencing an issue where the next generation update will automatically download and prevent them from playing the game.

As a result, we have also decided to delay the release of the Bardock: One Against Destiny DLC and Season Pass 2, which were supposed to be released at the same time. This issue only occurs for customers playing the Xbox One version of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot on Xbox Series X|S. Saved data will not be affected and will not be deleted.

We are currently investigating the cause of the problem and the solution in detail, but until we see more clearly, we ask our customers to refrain from playing until the problem is resolved.

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