Dragon Quest of the Stars, “Get over Zoma!” : our guide

The “Get over Zoma!” This week’s Dragon Quest of the Stars is full of new things. In addition to the Squirrel Kingdom and its mini-games, this is a brand new event that awaits players. The rest of the Dragon Quest III event takes us to Zoma, a much tougher enemy than Baramos last week. As always, by participating in this event, you will be able to discover new 5-star equipment, and you will be able to discover below everything you need to know to make the most of it.

As was already the case during previous events, this time you can collect different 5-star pieces of equipment for your characters. This is equipment based on the emblematic outfits of the heroes of Dragon Quest III. You can of course increase their level up to 50 by collecting duplicates and merging them together. To do this, you will need to obtain no less than 26 copies of each piece of equipment and go to the Workshop to assemble them. This will allow you to get the maximum stats for these pieces of equipment which will greatly assist you at the start of the game.

  • Weapon level: 1
    Number of copies for upgrading: 1
  • Weapon level: 2
    Number of copies for upgrading: 1
  • Weapon level: 3
    Number of copies for upgrading: 1
  • Weapon level: 4
    Number of copies for upgrading: 2
  • Weapon level: 5
    Number of copies for upgrading: 2
  • Weapon level: 6
    Number of copies for upgrading: 3
  • Weapon level: 7
    Number of copies for upgrading: 3
  • Weapon level: 8
    Number of copies for upgrading: 4
  • Weapon level: 9
    Number of copies for upgrading: 4
  • Weapon level: 10
    Number of copies for upgrading: 5
  • Sphere of Light and Rainbow Drop

You can also recover a last piece of equipment, the Masquabre, by completing the legendary level “Come to the end of the Baramonstre” and by obtaining all the objectives. You can get it both solo and multi, although in different colors.

  • Zombie Breastplate and White Zombie Breastplate

This event is made up of five dungeons, themselves made up of five levels, and a bonus dungeon with only one level of very great difficulty, “Come to the end of Zoma (Legendary)”. The latter will only be open a few hours a day, so you will have to wait for the right time to challenge its occupant. Each dungeon offers an increasing difficulty, and increasingly difficult challenges. For example, it will be very difficult to attack the Hero difficulty level without having increased your characters to an advanced class, and this time you will have to aim for a level higher than 70-75 to be quiet. You can also tackle the different levels in multiplayer, which will make it easier for you to overcome the higher levels if you’re a little fair, while allowing you to get better rewards.

Defeat the Queen Hydra

  • Recommended level: 8 – 18
  • Boss: Queen Hydra

Overcome the soul of Baramos!

  • Recommended level: 15 – 25
  • Boss: Soul of Baramos

Come to the end of Baramos’ bones!

  • Recommended level: 22 – 32
  • Boss: Baramos bone

Get over Zoma!

  • Recommended level: 30 – 46
  • Boss: Zoma

Get over Zoma! (Hero)

  • Recommended level: 45 – 64
  • Boss: Zoma (Hero)

Get over Zoma! (Legendary)

  • Recommended level: 80
  • Boss: Zoma (Legendary)
  • Try to play multiplayer as much as possible. This will not only allow you to build stronger teams, but you will also benefit from better food bonuses (see full menu bonuses when using Gooey Mochis wisely), and above all, have a drop rate of objects 5 stars more important.
  • To maximize your multiplayer effectiveness, try using White Gooey Mochi, Red Gooey Mochi, Soybean Gooey Mochi and Brown Gooey Mochi. This will allow you, in addition to the bonuses of each food, to obtain a resistance to drop attack and 60 more luck.
  • On the equipment side, give priority to parts that can provide you with resistance to ice, and above all, resistance to a drop in attack and magic attack. Zoma can indeed abuse these types of spells to lower statistics, and prevent you from inflicting great damage, thus making the fight last, which will not be to your advantage. Also try to focus on weapons inflicting light damage to make it very bad, and shorten the fight. The equipment of the current banner is very effective for the fight against Zoma.

If Baramos was a pretty easy opponent to beat, Zoma is a whole different story. This opponent is devilishly tough, and you will have to be very careful when fighting him. A good team with fairly high advanced vocations will be a significant advantage when you go on the attack. Just like food to fight against confusion and reduced attack (magic and physical). At the start of the fight, Zoma will start by casting a life regeneration spell, which will increase his health points each turn. Not by much, but enough to make it boring. Its main attacks are fairly powerful ice spells that will affect the whole team, and will be able to ratiboise if you are not ready. Also watch out for his attack reduction spells, which will greatly extend the duration of the fight, giving him more chance to inflict damage on you.

After taking enough life from him, he will carry out several attacks, and will become angry. If you are not careful, he can decimate your team in a single turn. Do not hesitate to raise your defense and increase your protections before attacking his last life bar.

Dragon Quest of the Stars Guide Summary

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