Dragon’s Dogma: The Game’s 10th Anniversary Site Just Opened Its Doors

Yes, it’s been ten years since Capcom released Dragon’s Dogma, an action RPG that has made a name for itself over time and that a growing community is now hoping for a comeback. Rumors around the next episode are getting stronger as we know that Hideaki Itsuno is working on a new project and that he has already stated his desire to release a sequel. Today, to celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary, Capcom has launched a site dedicated to the special date, which shouldn’t dampen the rumors.

A ten year extension?

On this site, Capcom’s game is fully respected and the publisher traces the entire history of the license, from the game’s release to the anime’s release on Netflix. Itsuno also leaves us the following message:

Originally released in 2012, Dragon’s Dogma celebrates its 10th anniversary today! Thank you, Insurgent, for taking up arms and taking on the incredible challenges that awaited you. We will always be grateful for your support throughout all these years and look forward to having you join us in this great celebration of Dragon Dogma. »

What announcements can we expect in the coming days? Fingers crossed that Capcom will actually take the opportunity to formalize the new game, maybe for Summer Game Fest?

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