Draguignan: Sentenced for a fatal accident after confusing the department with the road

TRIAL – The defendant’s attorney explained that a road along the departmental highway could lead the driver to believe “he was in a 2×2 lane.”

The Draguignan Criminal Court sentenced a Dutchman in his 70s to two years in prison for causing a fatal traffic accident on June 13. At the wheel of an Audi SUV on Departmental Highway 558, he had passed a motor home on a curve and collided head-on with two motorcycles in the opposite direction. One of the two cyclists was killed and the other was seriously injured, Var-Matin reports.

The respondent performed this maneuver by crossing a solid white line. He believed he was on the A8 motorway, which he had left “a few minutes earlier,” he explained to the court. A road along the department could make you believe “it was on 2×2 lanes,” said the Dutchman’s lawyer. The two German motorcyclists were studying at the Army Light Aviation School in Cannet-des-Maures (Var).

Sorry impossible?

The motorist’s conviction was accompanied by a two-year driving ban in France and the obligation to pay 60,000 euros in compensation for the loss of affection. Then a civil hearing will determine the amount of compensation paid to the victims.

“Asking for forgiveness may be too much, but I hope (…) Read more in 20minutes

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