Drakania from Black Desert will be released on consoles on May 25

After rolling out to PC at the end of March, Drakania of Black Desert Online will be available on consoles starting May 25th. The class comes with a new seasonal server and an updated group area.

As you know, Bliack Desert Online is distributed on both PC and consoles. Drakania, the latest class in the MMO action game, was released on PC on March 30th and has now been announced on the PlayStation and Xbox servers in Black Desert.
Console players will discover Brawl gameplay starting May 25 – for reference, the class is blessed with the power of a dragon and wields both an Assassin, a two-handed sword, and a Dragon Shard that grants them destructive power in addition. to great mobility. Quite classically, a program for pre-character creation is already available.

To accompany the launch of the new class, Pearl Abyss is also opening a new season server dedicated to Drakania, “specially designed to help players develop their characters faster.” This temporary server will allow you to receive increased rewards and buffs after completing a series of missions to progress faster before transferring your character to regular MMO servers.

Finally, Pearl Abyss is also announcing “a new Abandoned Monastery, a monster zone in the Calpheon region of the Black Desert, redesigned for co-op. Among other innovations, bosses appear there more often to offer a new challenge to the group of players – with corresponding rewards. Attention lovers.


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