Drake explains his private jet express rides

This week, Drake has been the target of an avalanche of criticism for a bit of an overindulgence in private jet travel. Indeed, according to air tracking data provided by the automated Twitter@CelebJets account, the rapper would have made the trip in just 20 minutes to connect Hamilton and Toronto, a distance of just 61km by air.

In the last two months, this short trip has been made four times by Drake’s plane, which, I must say, is not very green, since almost five tons of carbon dioxide would be emitted in all these flights! But according to the main stakeholder, he is absolutely not responsible for these trips.

good excuse

Faced with an onslaught of criticism, Drake finally decided to respond in a comment to a post posted on the Real Toronto Newz Instagram account. “They just move the planes to whatever airport they’re stored at for anyone interested in logistical issues,” the artist assured.

However, we have the right to wonder about the logistical benefits of parking the star’s private jet far from where he left it and where, no doubt, he will pick it up.

In any case, Drake isn’t the only one arrested for flying the express plane. Recently, Kylie Jenner reportedly flew just 17 minutes from Van Nuys to Camarillo, California, which is still more than the 9-minute flight Elon Musk reportedly chartered from San Jose to San Francisco in May. last year!

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