Drake Hollow: the exit of the game is postponed

The next game from The Molasses Flood, the American studio behind The Flame in the Flood, Drake Hollow will not be available as planned on July 17. Its release is postponed to an unknown date at the moment.

The news was announced on Twitter by The Molasses Flood, who mentions technical reasons “boring, difficult to explain and in any case placed under NDA” (confidentiality agreement). The developers are working to resolve all of this as quickly as possible, but cannot yet announce a new date.

Scheduled for PC and Xbox One (including via the Xbox Game Pass subscription), Drake Hollow will immerse us in a dying world inhabited by the Dragores, a plant people that will have to be protected, but also by deadly ferocious beasts. It will be about exploring dynamically generated and populated islands over the seasons, collecting resources, building and defending villages, and fighting to survive alone or with other players online.

Drake Hollow: Trailer of the X019

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