Drama in Cité Senghor: Governor Thiesz at the bedside of the victims

Following the tragic events of the day before yesterday, when heavy rain caused the collapse of the minaret in Sité Senghor, killing Serin Daara and his daughter, the authorities continue to support the family.

After the mayor of the city of Thies Dr. Babacar Diop, the mayor of Thies Est Me Ousmane Diana, the prefect, sub-prefect and other political leaders who arrived at the scene on the day of the tragedy, around the governor of the Thies region, who went to the family of the late Senor H. Sugu to express condolences from named after Head of State Macky Sal and Minister of the Interior Antoine Felix Diome.

Very touched by these painful events, he expressed compassion to the family of the victims before praying for eternal rest in paradise for the soul of the latter and promises to be at the bedside of the victims, namely children studying the Koran. in the mosque before the tragedy occurred, they are currently in the Ahmadu Sakhir Ndiegene Hospital in Thies.

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