Dreame is showing insane prices on their vacuum cleaners for Black Friday!

Black Friday week is always a bargain shopping week! Dreame is no exception to the rule, dropping prices on four of its flagship models and there is something for everyone! Cordless vacuum mop, robot mop or robot vacuum cleaner – everyone will find what they are looking for. It’s now or never to rescue and find the perfect housework ally. With them, washing floors will become almost a pleasure. Focus on the D10 Plus, H12, L10S Pro and L10S Ultra models. Let’s go to !

Dreame D10 Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This robot vacuum cleaner and mop is equipped with high-performance LiDAR navigation, which allows it to scan an 8-meter radius around it. Thanks to this technology, he uses dynamic mapping and makes his routes intelligent. It is equipped with a large vacuum dust bag that can hold up to 45 days of dust without emptying it with a 2500 ml vacuum bag. Emptying the bin will obviously depend on the dust in your home!

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Dreame D10 Plus is equipped with Dualboost technology, which collects dust by blowing and then sucking thanks to two air circulation channels. And nothing frightens him, because thanks to his strong suction of 4000 Pa! It will be able to vacuum for 150 minutes thanks to a powerful 5200 mAh battery. If the vacuum cleaner hits a carpet, it will automatically select the most effective suction for deep cleaning (hair, pet hair) and adjust the suction pressure. Finally, it also cleans on command as it is compatible with Alexa Mi Home and Google Home. The product has been tested and approved by the editors. Buy Dreame D10 Plus on Amazon for 349 euros.

I’ll take advantage of the offer on Amazon

Dreame H12 Wet & Dry Smart Stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

According to the manufacturer, he is an expert in cleaning difficult places such as baseboards, furniture corners or under the table. Thanks to the rotating brush, it can go where others cannot reach. Powerful suction and efficient cleaning combined to make your floor clean and tidy with no effort! The Dreame H12 is configurable with a suction mode for liquids and an automatic mode for basic cleaning.

Dreame H12, the most powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaner?Photo Credit: Dreame

Thanks to the real-time water circulation system, it allows suction cleaning and then wet cleaning in the same movement. Because it has a self-cleaning brush feature, you are guaranteed to keep your brush always clean by simply running the automatic brush cleaning. And it’s smart, as it automatically detects the pollution level and shows it to you on an LED screen. Of course, it will react to how dirty the floor is and adjust the power level to keep your floor clean. Finally, with a 900 ml clean water tank and a 500 ml waste water tank, you won’t need to fill or empty it too often. Buy Dreame H12 on Amazon for 349 euros.

I’ll take advantage of the offer on Amazon

Dreame L10s Pro 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This third model of the Dreame brand combines various existing cleaning technologies. It’s simple, he takes care of everything. He vacuums, cleans and washes the floors. He also returns to his station, cleans himself of dust and returns to work if necessary! With advanced navigation and an AI-powered camera, the Dream L10s steers itself to avoid obstacles and dodge stairs! Of course, you can schedule it while you’re away so you can get back from work to a clean home! The powerful suction and washing power of this latest generation robot allows it to deep vacuum carpets and remove hair, animal hair and bacteria ingrained in fabrics. To remove stubborn stains on hard floors, there are two cleaning cloths that rotate at a very high speed.

Dreame L10s Pro 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum CleanerPhoto Credit: Dreame

With a suction power of 5300 Pa and two rotating brushes, nothing can resist this. In fact, the brush picks up dirt, such as stuck animal hair, and then sucks it up. Suction power is automatically adjusted when hitting a stubborn stain, rug or carpet, and there are three water levels to clean different floors (tiles, parquet, carpets, etc.). Therefore, it uses artificial intelligence for navigation and can therefore display each room of the house and thus repeat the same path every time. Thanks to the dedicated DreameHome app, you can also activate the vacuum cleaner, ask it to clean one room instead of another, etc. Finally, give it a voice command as it is compatible with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. Buy Dreame L10s Pro on Amazon for 459 euros.

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Ultra robot vacuum cleaner Dreame L10s

The brand’s latest model is also the most effective. Dreame L10s Ultra is a modern device. It includes automatic dust removal, cleaning, automatic mop drying, advanced navigation, obstacle detection, artificial intelligence camera, an indispensable helper for those who no longer want to take care of the household and / or who own a large house, animals. , etc. Dust removal with the L10s Ultra will be automatic and completely silent in a large 3 liter dust bag, you should be able to rest easy for about 60 days without changing the bag.

Dreame L10s Ultra, the ultimate standalone robot vacuum cleaner?Photo Credit: Dreame

On the technical side, it has a 5200 mAh battery, excellent suction power of 5300 Pa and dual rotating brushes with a pressure of 180 rpm. For washing, the 2.5 liter water tank allows you to wash all your hard floors of approximately 200 m². The L10s Ultra uses an RGB camera and 3D textured light to scan and set up cleaning strategies. Thus, it automatically generates trajectories depending on the type of obstacle, floor and room. However, thanks to the Dreamehome app, you can set up the cleaning, start it remotely, pause it, and even control the cleaning via video. Finally, it can also be controlled by voice via Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. Buy the Dreame L10s ultra at Boulanger for 999 euros.

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