Dreame X10 Ultra was voted the best autonomous vacuum robot at the latest IFA Berlin 2022.

Are you tired of spending hours doing household chores, especially vacuuming the house and mopping the floor? Over the past few years, robot vacuum cleaners have invaded our interiors, and it’s true that they are very practical to give us time to get away. About our other business… The robot vacuum cleaner saves time, saves water and, I must say, it’s a pleasure to watch him work while you relax! At the last IFA show in Berlin, the young brand made a splash with its latest creation… The Dreame X10 Ultra was indeed voted the best robot of the 2022 edition and we invite you to get to know it!

About dream technology…

Dreame Technology, founded in 2017, is an innovative consumer products company specializing in smart home cleaning devices with a vision of empowering life through technology. We don’t know the price of the Dreame XR Ultra yet, as it was unveiled at IFA 2022 (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin 2022), an exhibition entirely dedicated to new technologies and home appliances. Its release is scheduled for 2023… Dreame is a small Chinese brand that continues to innovate and compete with specialists in fields such as Roborock or iRobot… Having won the title of the best robot of this publication, it has now established itself as the preferred brand for this type of ultra-efficient technology and is especially popular among the smallest consumers who have neither the time nor the desire to devote time every day to household chores …

Photo Credit: Dreame

What is Dreame X10 Ultra?

At the moment it is a prototype that has not yet gone on sale, as we said, its release is scheduled for 2023… Which did not stop Dreame from revealing some of its characteristics that will leave some competitors on the floor! According to the presentation of the Dreame brand, it will be equipped with artificial intelligence, a laser rangefinder, 3D lasers and a camera. Which should usually allow him to create a nearly perfect map of the land he will have to deal with. As for the robot mop function, the Dreame X10 Ultra will have two rotating mops that can be mounted on the robot’s brushes, but it will also be able to install and remove them without human assistance. When Dreame X10 Ultra encounters a thick carpet on its way, it can lift the mops by itself without wetting the carpet or carpet… The privileged ones who attended the presentation of this new innovative robot vacuum cleaner, could I see that its base was quite impressive… But this is not in vain, since it is conceived as a multifunctional one. It consists of two water tanks, one with clean and one with dirty water and a bottle of detergent (optional). The base controls the water supply to the robot, which will be filled when its tank is empty. In addition, it also has a dust container that allows the robot vacuum cleaner to empty itself when it is full. The user will still have to empty the collector from time to time! The docking station also allows you to wash and dry your mops as you use them… So it’s always ready for the next cycle! For more information visit

Dreame X10 Ultra was voted the best autonomous vacuum robot at the latest IFA Berlin 2022.Photo Credit: Dreame

What are the advantages of a robot vacuum cleaner?

As you can imagine, the success of robot vacuum cleaners lies in the fact that they replace us in one of our household chores, which can also take a very long time if we have pets… present to do housework in our absence and that we find a clean home as soon as we arrive, since now they are all (or almost) programmable or can be started remotely. In addition, the robot vacuum cleaner will crawl into every nook and cranny and even under certain pieces of furniture, while a regular vacuum cleaner rarely goes there. Plus, they’re very compact, so they’re easy to store, and they take up much less space than vacuum cleaners… You can even leave them in the corner of your living room, ready to fight, because overall they’re pretty cute in terms of design! On the plus side, they are relatively economical, as the water tank for scrubber dryers allows you to clean the floor with less water than a bucket, and costs only about ten euros per year in terms of electricity.

What should I check before buying a robot vacuum cleaner?

When choosing a robot vacuum, make sure it has side brushes that protrude slightly from its frame. do it yourself… If you have a step in the same room, you cannot use it in the whole room, or it stops in front of the step if it is equipped with a fall sensor, or it lowers it, but will not be able to raise it! Then you will have to move it from room to room. If you use a robotic vacuum cleaner, remember to clean up the floor as much as possible… The more obstacles it has in its path, the less efficient it will seem to you! Finally, don’t forget to check the filters, the water and dust tank, which need to be cleaned very regularly, and the brushes, which get dirty very quickly.

Who are robotic vacuum cleaners suitable for?

Robotic vacuum cleaners are very popular among the little ones, as well as home automation enthusiasts! They are really helpful if you have pets as you can ask him to vacuum and wash several times a day if you like! These self-contained vacuum cleaners are also very useful for the elderly or people with physical disabilities… They allow them to keep the floor clean without any effort on their part. The robot vacuum doesn’t replace manual cleaning, but it’s still great for cleaning your floors daily… And what a joy it is to see it replace us in housework, that we can’t deny it, that would be a lie!

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