DreameBot L10s Ultra: Dreame presents the best robot vacuum cleaner at IFA 2022

Dreame, the flooring specialist, took advantage of IFA 2022, an exhibition dedicated to new technologies and home appliances in Berlin, to present several of their new products. Among them we find the DreameBot L10s Ultra: a nugget that we have decided to present to you below.

Discover DreameBot L10s Ultra Exclusively at Boulanger

IFA 2022 in Berlin was an opportunity to discover many new products from several brands. One of them was of particular interest to us: DreameBot L10s Ultra.

The high-tech robot vacuum cleaner takes automatic cleaning to a whole new level, giving you complete freedom with a fully automated system. The L10s Ultra can dust, wash and dry while deciding when to rinse the mop, add water or detergent, or even empty the dust bin. You do nothing and enjoy clean floors every day.

And good news: The L10s Ultra is available exclusively at Boulanger from September 15th to 30th. Therefore, you can open it for preview for only 1199 euros. A realistic budget, of course, but one that will allow you to enjoy a healthy and clean home for years to come.

L10s Ultra: automatic cleaning for absolute freedom for 60 days

Among all the advantages of L10s Ultra Dreame highlights the following:

  • A station capable of emptying the dust bin on its own, as well as dampening, rinsing, cleaning and drying mops for automated maintenance.
  • Advanced mapping system with dual lasers, RGB camera and powerful AI for optimal avoidance of all obstacles and fast cleaning of your floors.
  • Suction power up to 5300 Pa for deep cleaning of hard floors.
  • New rubber brush for deep carpet cleaning.
  • Support for Google and Alexa voice commands.

So with the L10s Ultra, you can automate floor cleaning every day without worrying about anything. Your floors are always clean and smell good, and you can enjoy your home in peace. Its advanced AI allows you to clean large areas very quickly, as well as reduce the number of missed tasks and not get lost or stuck in one place.

The dust bag at the base of the vacuum cleaner can hold up to 3 liters of dirt. Thus, you can be calm and do nothing at all for an average of 60 days. Once the tank is empty and the two water tanks are full, you are free again for 2 months.

With the vacuum cleaner, you can also use the Dreame (or Mi Home) app, which allows you to customize certain settings on your device. You can choose the suction mode and the amount of water used to clean the floors. You can also ask him to avoid certain places in your house or just clean one room.

To use this vacuum cleaner right now, quickly go to Boulanger.

Discover DreameBot L10s Ultra Exclusively at Boulanger

This article is a sponsored post suggested by Dreame.

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