Driver’s license fraud on the rise, will the AstraZeneca vaccine be phased out soon? … Eco-flash of the day

Let’s start with Driver’s license fraud is on the rise. Two Montpellier residents have just been fined € 3,000 and € 2,400 for driver fraud, Midi Libre reported on Friday. To avoid losing points and paying fines for traffic violations, some motorists buy color copies of their driver’s licenses on the Internet. Prices can range from 50 to 150 euros depending on the site. As soon as he has a copy, the guilty motorist reports the violation. A technique that seemed to work well until justice learned of the ruse.

The rants of the day pushed by the Save Our Traders collective against Amazon. In a column posted to JDD, he denounces the “provocation” they believe is an announcement of the e-commerce giant’s summer promotions on June 21 and 22, while the official sales date in France is set for June 30. The collective, which claims to speak on behalf of more than 500,000 local merchants and a million employees, is demanding that Bercy be “fair in all forms of trade.”

Day number: 28 million euros. This is the amount that the lucky winner of the auction paid to accompany Jeff Bezos on Blue Origin’s first space tourist flight, scheduled for July 20. The winner, whose identity will be revealed in the coming weeks, spearheaded the publication of about twenty participants in these final online auctions, which lasted less than ten minutes. Jeff Bezos announced in early June that he would be participating in the first manned flight on a New Shepard rocket alongside his brother and the winner of the auction for third place.

We are finishing AstraZeneca vaccine. In an interview with La Stampa, a spokesman for the European Medicines Agency (EMA) suggested that it would be better off, even for the elderly. “This is an option that many countries such as France and Germany are considering in light of the increased availability of messenger RNA vaccines,” said Marco Cavaleri. If these countries abandoned it, they would not be the first. Austria, Norway and Denmark decided to do without it a few weeks ago.

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