Drôme Ardèche: the end of the large vaccination centers soon?

You just have to connect to Doctolib to see it: there are many vaccination places available in the Drôme Ardèche! The main centers are only filled with 20-25% of their reception capacity on average, attendance has decreased dramatically since mid-September. According to the ARS, 92% of eligible people received at least one dose of vaccine in the Drôme, 86% in the Ardèche.

In Montélimar, Valence or Aubenas, for example, we only vaccinate 200 people a day on average. At the height of the crisis, these centers could perform 800 to 1,000 injections a day. Therefore, these centers have been rehabilitated, reducing their staff and the time slots to be vaccinated. The Bachelard center in Valence is no longer open for noon, except all day Wednesdays. The Annonay center, which had moved to Espace Montgolfier during the crisis to accommodate more people, returned to the Cévennes clinic, where it was originally located.

Therefore, we would gradually move towards closing the vaccination centers. “It’s normal, it goes in the direction of history,” says Julien Alloin, director of the Etoile-sur-Rhône center. “The end of the centers is scheduled anyway for the end of the year, as planned from the beginning. They were opened to meet a need but are not meant to last. They cost more. Very expensive, in hospitals or in the ARS. From week to week the requests are decreasing, it will sell out naturally. “

A more classic vaccine for the third dose.

The third dose, for people over 65 years of age and people with comorbidities who were vaccinated more than 6 months ago, will not increase attendance at the centers a priori. This dose should be injected in a more conventional way, at the treating doctor or pharmacist, such as the flu vaccine, for example.

“We are beginning to think of other strategies to vaccinate the last people: young people, people in a precarious situation, with other vaccination methods. Doctors, pharmacists, private nurses are very involved in the daily life of people, which should allow vaccination. more people. This proximity will allow for more lace work and less mass, “said Lucile Vercoutère, director of the Bachelard vaccination center in Valence.

The Bachelard center vaccinated about 40 unaccompanied minors in September. On Tuesday, September 28, the doctors of the center will participate in a vaccination action with the CPAM in the Fontbarlettes market, to offer local vaccination in a neighborhood where there are still holes in the vaccination racket.

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