Drug cartel leader arrested, large consignment of drugs seized

Chief Superintendent Ibrahim Sori Tunkara, Commander of the Narcotics Division, and his men have just dismantled a major drug cartel responsible for distributing narcotics in several consumer networks.

In support of other initiatives, the fight against drug trafficking has continued and intensified since the arrival of Police Chief Commissioner Ibrahim Sori Tunkara at the head of the Narcotics Division, according to police sources, in support of other initiatives. He organized an extensive operation led by experienced investigators to stop traffickers and their accomplices. The actions of the latter were crowned with success, as they led to the arrest of the leader of a large drug cartel at the Gikoroni-Para bus station. According to our sources, the suspect is well known and even wanted by police investigation units, as he provided supplies to various communities in Bamako and all indications were that he was part of a well-organized team. Thus, finding the suspect, on Tuesday, August 30, 2022, around 11 am, the intervention team, initiated by Commander Tunkara, weaved their web to trap his hand in the bag. While he was in the middle of an operation to supply his clients at the Gikoroni-Para bus station, the narcotics team of the narcotics brigade broke into the scene and managed to capture him. He was with his accomplice, who, unfortunately, managed to escape.

Operation result: 1326 compound cannabis balls, 1146 cannabis herb balls commonly referred to as “Heaps”, 180 other cannabis herb balls commonly referred to as “Skenchi”, 83 ingots and 1/4 cannabis resin bricks, two ready to use. marijuana cigarettes were seized.

As for the loot, this kind of operation requires the allocation of large resources to the units responsible for the fight against drugs, since it is obvious that the suspect in question is a real heavyweight in the drug trade, having repeatedly escaped to his pursuers. .

After the investigators, he was presented to the prosecutor’s office, which issued a warrant on him. Now he contemplates his fate between the four walls of the Central Prison (MCA).

Boubacar Paytao


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