Drug trafficking in Ivory Coast: Deal stopped in N’Dousi

An alleged drug dealer named S. Adama appeared before the Thiassalé Court on Friday, July 29, 2022.

According to our sources, it was after the anonymous report that the police were informed about the resumption of Adama’s dealer activities. Using this information, on Tuesday, July 26, the police detained the accused at one of their observation posts located between Thiassaleh and N’Dousi.

On the day of his arrest, he had just received his supplies at Tyassala and was on his way to his smoking room, located near Akonda College in N’Dousi. Arrested and interrogated about the contents of his backpack, he claimed that it contained the personal effects of his younger sister, who was ill and admitted to the city’s N’Dousi health centre.

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When the attendants at the post ask to search said bag, despite his reluctance, Adama, sensing danger, runs away. He is quickly overtaken by the agent, with whom he enters into a desperate fight, during which he bites the agent on the arm and forearm, not without trying to disarm him. The latter, with the help of his colleagues who arrived as reinforcements, took possession of it.

Taken to N’Dousi police station for interrogation, a man who was released from prison in June 2022 after serving a five-year sentence in the Abidjan House of Detention and Correction for acts of selling drugs admits to being the owner of two blocks of cannabis (called the mouth in the middle ) for sale in his smoking room, as well as drug pellets, which he says he uses for his own consumption. Also found in his bag was a paper wrap that he uses to wrap cannabis for his customers.

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He will answer for his actions before the prosecution of the Tiassalé court for the facts of drug possession for the purpose of sale and consumption, as well as for the facts of violence and assault and disrespect for a police officer in the performance of his functions. .

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