Drug trafficking: The Camaras are arrested with five kilograms of cannabis in Tienab.

According to L’As, which provides information, the measures taken by the state of Senegal to deter drug addicts and traffickers are far from discouraging the latter, who continue to illicit illicit products. Yesterday, units of the Tienaba Gendarmerie Brigade staged a beautiful crackdown, arresting two people who were in possession of drugs. This is a pair of Camara. It follows from the investigation that Amadou Camara and his wife Diarra Ndur left Caffrin to travel to Dakar. To get through the cracks of the security forces, the couple decided to sit on a motorcycle. After a first stop in Kaolack and a second in Fatik, the two lovers stopped for a third time in Tienab to refuel at a gas station. But their suspicious behavior intrigued the members of the gendarmerie brigade who followed them. When the Kamara couple felt that they were suspected, they set off again, towards Dakar.

Unfortunately for them, about ten kilometers from the exit of the city, they were stopped by pandoras. After a thorough search, the gendarmes found nothing on either person. But after continuing their search, the men in blue found in a backpack hidden in the saddle of a motorcycle, a bag with five kilograms of marijuana. Without confronting the security forces with the slightest place of residence, the two lovers were taken to the brigade, where they were informed about their detention. The Camaras will be presented to the prosecutor this Thursday and should no doubt be placed under an arrest warrant if the charge is not returned. However, sources close to the case say Mr Camara would have offered Pandoras a large sum of money to avoid criminal penalties. The seized drugs and the motorcycle are sealed, the investigation continues.


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