Drugs and weapons in Philippeville: Twice for 30 months.

To these 30 months is added a fine of 8,000 euros and a confiscation of 30,000 euros. His vehicle was also confiscated.

The case was solved due to a call to the police in connection with scenes of assault and beating of a third person in his house. During a search in October 2021, the police found 144 g of marijuana, a scale with traces of cocaine and 4,700 euros in small bills, which he tried to get rid of through the window.

Already sentenced to 30 months probation for sale between 2017 and 2019, this man would have given cover between July 2019 and October 2021. Which he always denied. He would only start again when he lost his job, from January 2021 to October, the date of the police raid, he said.

The second dossier, according to which the detainee was also prosecuted, concerns the possession of weapons purchased in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for resale in Couvain and Philippeville. Which the man also denied. For him, the photos of the guns found on his cell phone were purchase offers or screenshots. However, a person also concerned about the case disputed his claims.

Hole in his car

In fact, one evening in July, when this man drove a Philipville resident home, he gave him 15 euros and 357 Magnums in compensation. Not knowing that the weapon was loaded, the driver fired at his car, breaking through the roof in the process. The video also went viral on social media. This makes it easy to identify. For his part, he was sentenced to 120 hours of work, which, if not completed within a year, would be commuted to 12 months in prison.


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