Drugs: in Ode 4 years in prison for a Turkish driver who transported 448 kg of marijuana

Four years in prison and a fine of 780,000 euros: such a sentence was handed down to the Turkish driver of a van carrying 448 kg of cannabis. He was intercepted by customs agents on 15 September at the Narbonne Est (Aude) toll booth on the A9 motorway as he was returning from Spain.

It was a drug-sniffing sniffer dog that sniffed out traffic on Sept. 15 during an inspection by Aude Customs on the Narbonne Est toll road on the A9 motorway.

On board a German-registered commercial vehicle, the driver of Turkish nationality claims to have arrived from Spain and is on his way to Germany for work. But in his cargo of boxes, customs officers found 295 heat-sealed bags filled with cannabis herbs, or more than 448 kg of drugs, with an estimated value of 784,000 euros.

Returning to the antenna of the judicial police of Perpignan, the driver appeared this Monday, September 19, before the judicial court of Narbonne. He was sentenced to 4 years in prison, a permanent ban on entry into French territory and a customs fine of 780,000 euros.

448 kg of marijuana seized on the A9 motorway in Narbonne on September 15, 2022 were hidden in heat-sealed bags.

© Perpignan Regional Office for Customs and Indirect Taxes

Since January 1, 2022, the customs officers of the regional branch of Perpignan have seized more than 8 tons of drugs.

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