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While energy-efficient home appliances are the focus of this year’s SI UN technology fair, there is plenty to see in Berlin. Anyone looking for some pretty curious products and gadgets in recent years has mostly looked at exhibitors followed by China. However, this year they are presented in small numbers. The reason for this is the pandemic and the corresponding restrictions on travel around the country.

However, this year there are again a large number of products that have amazed and perhaps even made people smile. Here are some of them that I found during my IFA tour.

robot cat

MarsChat by Elephant Robotics is supposed to be an electronic pet that operates completely autonomously. Instructions and the like are not needed. MarsCat feels touch, responds to voices and plays with toys. His personality changes depending on how you handle the Robot Cat. By the way, the heart of the robot is an ordinary raspberry pie. However, the launch and price are still unclear.

Also a robot pet is maikat from Korea. She also has artificial intelligence, reacts to her owners and loves to be stroked. Although the battery only lasts 3 hours, if it is low, it goes to the charging station to be recharged. Marketing is planned for the end of the year, the sale price should be $1500 lmouche.

pet dryer

If you don’t have robotic pets but real ones, there may be times when you need to give them a bath. But what do you do with a wet creature to dry it as quickly as possible? That’s right, you put them in the pet dryer.

The device isn’t meant for home use, but rather for pet groomers, which doesn’t make it any less weird. If you want to pet or comb the animals while they dry, you can do so through the 2 hand holes.

wine tavern

Who doesn’t know the problem: you want a glass of wine, the bottle isn’t at the right temperature, and you don’t necessarily want to open the bottle for 1 or 2 glasses and let it brew. The solution is the smart Albicchière wine dispenser. You can think of it like a Nespresso coffee machine – instead of coffee capsules, packets of wine come.

When the wine is removed, no oxygen comes into contact with the liquid. Instead, air cushions are inflated inside the bag, pushing the wine out. The bag is thus fragmented for 6 months, durable, as they say. If you don’t have your favorite bagged wine, you can also buy empty bags and use them for decanting. However, this cuts the shelf life by about half. The company’s founders also see the advantage that the bags are lighter than bottles and less breakable, making them ideal for postal delivery.

disinfection robot

It could be expected that a pandemic could not be avoided at IFA either. The company introduced the disinfection robot Adam21. The device moves around the territory and disinfects the premises completely independently, without human intervention. However, if a human is in the way, they don’t have to worry about being covered in disinfectant from top to bottom, because the robot should recognize them, according to the manufacturers.

Soul sensor for useless knowledge

Have you always wondered how hot the water is during the shower? What if the quality is still good enough for your skin? If so, then you are servicing his EauN water sensor well. It tells you the temperature and warns you about possible pollution during the shower.

Unfortunately, the device cannot measure the amount of water that has already flowed out, as this can be a good indicator for saving energy. But even without a water sensor, you can consider buying an energy-saving shower head if you want to save money.

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