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The Kootenay is a new multipurpose dualzone carbine that launched this month on Kickstarter and has already surpassed its stated goal thanks to over 360 supporters, and its campaign is 43 days away. The titanium carabiner features an overlapping release arm design and was designed to create an EDC clip that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Designed by PICHI Design of Calgary, Canada, smart design upfront fees are now available for around £48 to £41 (depending on current exchange rates), offering a massive discount of around 35% off the final retail price while the crowd Kickstarter is funding.

“The concept of the Kootenay rifle was born in Canada, where the perfect combination of function and form is important. EDC enthusiasts, survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts need a heavy duty carabiner that can be used in many everyday situations; This is where the Kootenay Carabiner comes in, a split compartment carabiner with rear clip that combines innovative design, strength and functionality.”

Kootenay Features

titanium rifle

The Kootenay Carabiner is an aviation grade titanium carbine built for the average user. Our carabiner is designed for long service life, equipped with a titanium body that is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion. This carabiner has been designed to be stronger than steel or aluminum while maintaining unparalleled lightness, making it ideal for everyday carry.”

Assuming that Kootenay’s crowdfunding campaign successfully achieves its required goal and production of the film runs smoothly, worldwide delivery is expected to take place around April 2023. To learn more about the Kootenay Titanium dualzone carbine project, watch the promotional video below.

“The name Kootenay, or Canadianborn, originated and was specifically motivated by Kootenay National Park. We have designed this product with its pinnacle as inspiration – combining three main aspects in one package. Its design and purpose is unique compared to competitors’ rifles, and it has a special design that cannot be found in any other rifle.”

For a complete list of all available bail options, stretch targets, additional materials and specs for the Titanium Dual Zone Carbine, visit the official Kootenay Crowdfunding Campaign page by clicking the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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