DualSense Edge, the new version of the PS5 controller, details all of its features and included accessories.

During Gamescom 2022, PlayStation a few days ago unveiled a new version of the PS5 controller specifically designed for competitive gaming. The DualSense Edge is a fully customizable high performance controller with rear joysticks, overrides and all sorts of features not available in the regular console version.

The controller includes a housing for the USB Type-C cable connector that allows you to lock the port to prevent it from turning off in the midst of a compromising situation, bad posture or unexpected movement. Below you will find all the details about the new version of the controller, as well as all the accessories included in the package.

Custom player profiles

One of the main features of the DualSense Edge is the ability to customize the profile in detail and save it so that we can use it whenever we need it. The buttons are reassignable and you can adjust the dead zone and sensitivity of the sticks, the stroke of the triggers and the intensity of the vibration. You can also decrease or increase the audio volume for online games and voice chat. Once everything is set to our liking, the function button allows us to apply the specified profile or select another previously saved one.

Everything included in the DualSense Edge case

The remote control will come in an exclusive case with a USB connector, allowing us to charge the remote control even when it is stored. The package includes various add-ons and spare parts.

  • DualSense Edge Wireless Controller
  • Braided Type-C USB cable
  • USB connector box
  • 2 regular chopstick caps
  • 2 low dome caps
  • 2 caps for medium chopsticks
  • 2 high dome caps
  • 2 rear arms

No details about battery capacity, price or release date have yet been released.

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Source | Official PlayStation Blog

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