DuckDuckGo browser does not block Microsoft trackers

DuckDuckGo offers an internet browser that relies on privacy, but it doesn’t block Microsoft trackers. Prior to this, the group had not said anything publicly, but the case was solved thanks to a find by a security researcher.

DuckDuckGo Browser Blocks Trackers… Except Those From Microsoft

Security researcher Zach Edwards noted that the DuckDuckGo browser blocks trackers from Google and Facebook, but not from Microsoft. They don’t have blockages. Thus, technically, Microsoft can obtain information about Internet users.

Gabriel Weinberg, founder and CEO of DuckDuckGo, responded to the case. He admitted that the browser voluntarily allows trackers from Microsoft. This is due to an agreement between the two companies in connection with research. In addition, he assures that this only applies to the browser, and not to those who use the DuckDuckGo search engine.

The CEO also made the following statement to BleepingComputer:

We have always been extremely careful never to promise anonymity while browsing, as that is frankly impossible given how quickly trackers are changing the way they work to bypass the protections and tools we currently offer. When most other browsers on the market talk about tracking protection, they usually mean third-party cookie protection and fingerprint protection. Our browsers for iOS, Android, and our new beta for Mac impose these restrictions on third-party tracking scripts, including those from Microsoft.

We’re talking about more protection here than most browsers don’t even try to provide, which is blocking third-party tracking scripts before they’re loaded on third-party websites. Because we do this wherever we can, users still enjoy much more privacy protection with DuckDuckGo than they do with Safari, Firefox, and other browsers. This blog post we published describes the real benefits that users experience when using this approach, such as faster load times (46% reduction on average) and less data transfer (34% reduction on average). Our goal has always been to provide maximum privacy in a single download by default without complicated settings.

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