Duel comparison: Bosch MUM5XW20 vs Smeg SMF02

Judging by the same conditions, the two robots put on the accessories of their confectionery set.

The Smeg whisk is more efficient than the Bosch whisk for whipping egg whites: it whips them in 1 minute versus 1 minute 21 seconds for the German one. However, during the biscuit test, the accessory performed worse. The first phase of this recipe is to emulsify the sugar with the eggs, again using a whisk. Bosch was one of the best in our comparison, with a biscuit measuring 4.6cm versus 2.8cm for the Smeg.

These two confectionery robots were also once equipped with a sheet. The SMF02 handles liquid products better and the MUM5 mixes shortcrust pastry very well.

Finally, comes the endurance test, in other words, the bread dough test in our protocol. The heavier Smeg (7.9 kg) puts its feet on the ground when kneading, which is not the case with the lighter Bosch (3.9 kg). The dough rests and rises twice before baking for 40 minutes in the oven at 230°C. The output loaf MUM5 is 6.3 cm and SMF02 reaches 7.2 cm.

With very few things, it is the Italian Smeg SMF02 that wins the round.

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