Dune is going to be a video game soon and the first images are amazing

The success of films often prompts video game publishers to adapt cult films. In 2021, Denis Villeneuve’s Dune was a hit in theaters around the world, allowing him to approve a sequel already scheduled for November 2023. At Gamescom 2022, Funcom made a big splash when it announced that the literary saga dreamed up by Frank Herbert will soon become a video game. The Norwegian publisher has even appeared on a lot of video games with stunning first images.

The game is called Dune: Awakening. We don’t yet know when it will be available to players, but the trailer sets the tone. You are transported to the desert of Arrakis as if you were there to survive against giant sandworms. According to information provided by Funcom, Dune: Awakening is to be an open world survival and MMO (Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game). Gamers will have to impose their law in a very hostile environment and stand against many threats. On the game’s Steam page, we learn that it will also be possible to “walk through the ruins of long-forgotten biological test stations, look for the wreckage of crashed spaceships, and walk through the dusty corridors of abandoned sitches.” The offer is more than attractive. This is sure to generate excitement for players and Dune fans alike. The most impatient can already register on this site for beta testing of the game, which will be available soon.


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