During the coronavirus, the sale of medicines is carried out in Telegram

Quarantine is a hard test for everyone, but in the face of this situation, some people are more vulnerable than others, Linkista notes. “The containment measures have devastated the cities and, consequently, the retail outlets,” notes the Italian news site. This is a situation that can have serious consequences for addicts who, if drugs are not found, could face a withdrawal crisis.”

Nevertheless, the Transalpine media conducted an investigation and found that during the pandemic, drug trafficking did not disappear, but simply developed.

“Trade has moved to websites, but especially Telegram, a Russian messaging app that is very careful about the privacy of its customers,” says Linkista, describing dealer practices.

“In Italy, a very popular Telegram contact is a certain Mikel Jerome. We get acquainted, and then he shows the available menu: different types of marijuana, cocaine, synthetic drugs and even heroin. Payment is made via bitcoins, anonymously.”

The shipment will then be carried out through suitable packaging that hides odors.

Another alternative that the Linkiesta journalist has explored is the “Dark Web” (a kind of hidden Internet that can only be accessed with the help of special software), where sites also offer online drug purchases.

Drug stocks are still significant

Thus, the “resources” still exist, but it is not certain that all addicts will be able to use these systems.

However, despite the explosive potential of the current situation, for the moment, things still do not seem to have gotten worse, psychologist Riccado Gatti, an addiction expert, argues in the Linkiesta columns. “Traditional markets are in crisis, but they have left dealers with significant reserves. Today, drug addicts get more of them, and not random users, who, of course, have become less.”

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