Dying Light 2: Release date, gameplay, cross-gen … what to expect from Techland live?

Game news Dying Light 2: Release date, gameplay, cross-gen … what to expect from Techland live?

We have been waiting for the successor of the very good Dying Light for 6 years. Unveiled in more detail during the course of E3 2018 for a release set for 2019, the ambitious Dying Light 2 has had a journey strewn with pitfalls. Complex development, lack of internal vision, management problems and accusations of sexual harassment that led the studio to separate from its screenwriter Chris Avellone have plunged Techland into turmoil. However, the light finally seems to dawn at the end of the tunnel, since a big announcement concerning the new baby of the studio is scheduled for 9pm tonight. And given the popularity of the license and the difficulties encountered during its development, the meeting is small.

A little reminder of a journey strewn with pitfalls

Dying Light, first of the name, is still particularly popular, even if it no longer occupies center stage. With its multiple updates that have accompanied it since its release, recurring DLC ​​and even a very visceral Battle Royal spin off called Dying Light: Bad Blood, the game has remained fairly central among fans of survival games. It must be recognized that the initial proposal had something to seduce: open world, zombies, multiplayer, melee and well thought out parkour guaranteeing real mobility to players … everything was there to offer an intense experience, able to last on years. At the end of 2019, Techland claimed that 17 million players had played Dying Light since its release. Suffice to say that in view of this resounding success, the expectation around his suite was great, all the more so as his proposal leaves one dreaming.

Dying Light 2: Release date, gameplay, cross-gen ... what to expect from Techland live?

If the Techland teams intend to keep the fundamentals of the original game – post apo world, zombies and parkour – the desire to take the franchise further was obvious. Eager to put the emphasis as much on the gameplay as on the narration, much more set back in the previous episode, the Techland teams have chosen to think big. And for good reason, announced as 4 times bigger than its predecessor, Dying Light 2 promises us to involve the player as much as possible in the unfolding of the scenario, with what that includes of choices and consequences in an open world reactive to the decisions of players. The first presentations were enticing to say the least and even if the project was relatively low-key, things seemed to be going well and following the schedule set by the teams. However, during 2019, Techland announced to postpone the release date of its project, citing the traditional desire to ” deliver the best possible experience », Postponing its marketing to spring 2020.

Unfortunately, some time later a new, somewhat more alarming postponement was announced.. This time, no release date, or even a publication window, had been indicated in the press release announcing the new delay of the game. It is here that the first concerns surfaced, as well as the difficulties encountered. during the development of the project. We told you about this in more detail when Techland sought to allay concerns, although postponements of chaotic development were relayed until recently this year. And yet, despite the uproar, Dying Light 2 should finally see the end of the tunnel, at least if we refer to it. the announcement of a livestream that Techland will hold from 9 p.m. on its Twitch channel. But what can we expect from it?

Dying Light 2: Release date, gameplay, cross-gen ... what to expect from Techland live?

A promising live event?

A confirmation of the Platinum Edition?

Obviously, it’s hard to imagine that a teasing like the one Techland did does not lead to a firm release date. But before even considering this, expect to hear more news from Dying Light Platinum Edition. Even if for the moment this edition, which should embed the original game and its 4 DLCs, is only at the stage of rumor, it was briefly seen in the Microsoft Store before being removed. The hypothetical release date, indicated on May 27, remains plausible, however, since it is not uncommon for publishers to use a live event to indicate that a particular product – barely presented – is available immediately after its announcement. .

An official release date?

But it is obviously Dying Light 2 that will crystallize all the attention. Still planned for this year, Techland’s game could well finally have a firm release date, which one would imagine why not close enough to the date of the event. A simple exit window would in any case be rather unwelcome. considering how Techland seems to have chosen to make tomorrow’s live a real event surrounding the franchise.

In-depth gameplay

Techland is probably not going to just show a simple trailer to promote its next game. Until now, before it went into long-term dumbness, the studio had been generous enough when it came to to show his game. It therefore seems obvious that the gameplay will be unveiled as part of tonight’s live, which will essentially be the opportunity to see the real progress of the project, which should all the same have changed since the presentations of the past years.

The thorny problem of cross-gen play

Techland had long confirmed it: Dying Light 2 will be a cross-gen game. Only a few incidents have occurred in the industry between the confirmation of the cross-gen and the release of Dying Light 2. The first AAA to break their teeth on the challenge of delivering perfectly playable copies on older machines and the PS5 and Xbox Series was Cyberpunk 2077. Suffice to say that the fiasco that was released from the CD Projekt game on PS4 and Xbox One must have triggered a lot of red flags in many studios that were aiming for the cross-platform.

Dying Light 2: Release date, gameplay, cross-gen ... what to expect from Techland live?Dying Light 2: Release date, gameplay, cross-gen ... what to expect from Techland live?

However, Techland seems pretty confident. According to the studio teams in WccFtech columns, the old gen versions should guarantee a “ high quality standard », While the new gen versions should benefit from the technical know-how of the teams to exploit their full power, whether in terms of definition or frames per second. It remains to be seen whether Techland will make the rather honest bet that Biomutant has taken, quite simply by unveiling gameplay clips on each of the release platforms. This is arguably the most honest way to proceed and clearly the most appropriate today.

Tonight, 9 p.m., Techland should finally present its long-awaited Dying Light 2 for good. The stakes are not that low, since the franchise is particularly popular, the journey through development is fraught with pitfalls and the expectations very high. See you in the evening to find out what is going on.

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