Dying Light 2: The PS5 / PS4 Trophy List and Xbox Series / Xbox One and PC Achievements

Last week, Techland proudly announced no less than 500 hours of gameplay to complete the title Dying Light 2. Highly anticipated and scheduled for early February, the sequel to the first opus looks promising, and to keep us waiting, here’s the list. of PS5/PS4 Trophies and Xbox Series/Xbox One and PC achievements.

Zombies better watch out! After the success of the first episode released in 2015 on previous generation consoles, Techland is ramping up with Dying Light 2 Stay Human. If the first episode was entitled to recurring updates for almost 5 years, it’s time to turn the page and move on to the next generation. Scheduled for February 4th on console and PC, Dying Light 2 Stay Human will offer trophy/hit hunters no less than 58 trophies, including the famous platinum/1000G for the most tenacious. Without further ado, check out the full list of trophies/achievements for the upcoming title from Polish developers.

Trophies listed in blue are hidden.

Bronze Trophies (48)

  • Into the unknown: Reach Villedor.
  • First dose: Use of an inhibitor for the first time.
  • A warm welcome! : Access au Bazar.
  • Under Pressure: Activate your first water tower.
  • Tracking the Enemy – Find out where Waltz is.
  • Glow in the dark: Activate your first electrical substation.
  • Get out of my house! : Defeat the rogues attacking the Fish Eye.
  • Ashes and Rubble: Reach the observatory.
  • They will listen to us! : Repair the radio tower.
  • Known Associate: Find out where Veronika Ryan is.
  • Rubbing Death: Wake up after the missile attack.
  • It’s Going Down: Access elevator X-13.
  • Family first: find your sister.
  • Municipal Services: Assign all sites.
  • Tunnel Entrance: Activate your first subway station.
  • Sancho Panza: Activate your first windmill.
  • Tickets please! : Use a subway station for fast travel.
  • Don Quixote: Activate all windmills.
  • You can not read? : Collect all the inhibitors hidden in the GRE quarantine areas.
  • There’s something interesting? : Discover all airdrops.
  • Wasn’t that hard, huh? : Delete your first GRE anomaly.
  • Flaming Flag: Clear your first bandit camp.
  • Ah, the first time…: Create your first item.
  • Oh, is this how it works? : Modify your weapon for the first time.
  • A Friend in Need…: Help 50 survivors in encounters.
  • Bootlicker: Reach City Alignment 7 with one of the factions.
  • Who Wants To Win…: Collect 1,000,000 Old World Currency.
  • Ultramarathon: Run at least 960 km.
  • After the Drop: Survive your first night.
  • Good night and good luck: Scan 50 enemies with a REACT technology.
  • Untouchable: Kill 20 enemies in a row with melee weapons without hurting yourself.
  • Night Hunter: Kill a Raptor.
  • Far Death: Kill a Spitter with a ranged weapon.
  • Tanning Salon: Use the UV Torch to kill a Virulent.
  • Fateful Migraine: Get 50 headshots with a ranged weapon.
  • Lambin! : Lose the maximum chase level.
  • Socialize: Join a cooperative session.
  • Teamwork: Kill 100 enemies while playing with at least 2 other players.
  • Fast as lightning: Perform a perfect parry 10 times in a row without hurting yourself.
  • Modifier: Modify your weapons at least 50 times.
  • Die! : Get 50 kills.
  • Don’t Look Up: Perform Top Down Kill on at least 50 enemies.
  • Spit: Kill 50 enemies with a spear.
  • True Night Tracer: Complete all Night Tracer trials.
  • Bang bang boom! : Perform an aerial kick after running into a wall twice.
  • Archivist: Find all collectible notes.
  • Audiophile: Find all recordings to collect.
  • Street Art Fan: Discover all the graffiti to collect.

Silver trophies (8)

  • Subway Map: Activate all Subway stations.
  • Revenants: Eliminate all GRE anomalies.
  • Cleaner: Clear all bandit camps.
  • Parkour Master: Get the ultimate mastery of parkour.
  • Combat Master: Get the maximum command of combat.
  • A man with a mission: He knows all your love intrigues.
  • Get fit: Optimize your health.
  • Iron Heart: Maximizes your resistance.

Gold trophies (1)

  • Your world, your rules: Complete the game with any ending.

Platinum Trophy (1)

  • The Way of the Pilgrim: Get all the trophies.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human will be available on February 4 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch (via a cloud version).



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