Dynasty: an exciting new season

The content of the fourth season of Dynasty will not be revealed. You just have to know that it lives up to our expectations and that we connect the episodes with happiness. One point in particular caught our attention in the series.

Find the weak link

Evil people try to silence someone who investigates their actions. The tendon of war is information, they try to find out what he knows, who he talks to, how he works, etc. Any resemblance to events that happened in the real world is not at all a coincidence. Whether in the press or in the industrial sector, the best way to silence someone is to know as much about a subject as he is.

Among the techniques implemented, there is, of course, mailbox hacking. Except the attackers won’t directly attack their target’s mailbox, it would be too easy, too obvious, and too obvious. They will infect someone else’s systems, close to their target.

Obviously, it works, until the moment the victim realizes that something is wrong in their daily life, they begin to investigate and find out about the infection. As much as the dress in Dynasty is pretty unlikely, although good taste has definitely left the southern United States, this part of the story is quite plausible.

Analyzing a target

This is not unique to computer security, it is even a digital application of a method that has been shown to work in the real world. For this reason also in pentest, the first phase consists of analyzing all the elements of a chain, before going to the attack. Imagine a thief: before attacking, he will prowl around the house. If you see an armored door, but the kitchen window remains open, you will go through the window.

In computer security, it is the same. In Dynasty, our attackers knew their target had a blast door. But they saw an open window and went through it. Obviously, the analogy can seem far-fetched when you haven’t seen season 4 of the show. It is a way to make you look, to understand who is the armored door and who is the open window.

In the ordinary world, this could be the phishing email you receive. You read their emails, notify someone who tells you that you have been caught in the act of viewing illegal content, that you need to renew your domain name, that a package is waiting for you, etc. What you have in common with the “open window” in Dynasty is identifying the most fragile item.


When our “open window” in Dynasty realizes that it has been attacked, it does not react very well and decides to return the corrupted code. On a technical level, this is the point that goes a bit in all directions, a bit like in “In the name of revenge.” On a human level, the reader, who will obviously jump to Netflix to understand this chronicle that may seem somewhat cryptic, the reaction of our “open window”, is understandable. Operationally, it even seems perfectly consistent.

Unfortunately, we do not live at the Dynasty. Or fortunately, because the author of these lines does not know if he would survive the many hours of cleaning that the Carrington property requires. Therefore, it does not send corrupted code in response to a cyber attack. In the first place because it does not say that it understands what it is doing. Furthermore, in French law, this is perfectly forbidden and it would be a shame if our friends in the police bother us for so little.

Also, do not try to identify the source of an attack yourself. It is not impossible that by doing this you are destroying evidence. In France and in the real world, the only reflection you should have is always the same: go to court and consult a lawyer. If a business is a victim, it also takes over its insurance and turns to an outside service provider. Contrary to a well established urban legend, especially among some elected officials, who are still in the field, there is no lawless area on the internet, you are not anonymous behind the Twitter account @ Totodu5618974 and if you know how to spell correctly (or rather your lawyer) judicial requests, the organizations will respond. In short, surround yourself with professionals, whose work is.

We were looking forward to the fourth season of Dynasty with great impatience. Now it’s season 5 that makes us stomp. Netflix at work!

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