E-commerce: Adobe launches new tools for professionals

Adobe announced on Tuesday new features for its recently renamed Adobe Commerce platform. These aim to extend the intelligence of functions such as product recommendation and live search, and to integrate the Adobe signature more deeply into the payment process. The company is also launching a new financial offering that allows Adobe Commerce merchants to apply for loans for their working capital.

First, Adobe Commerce, formerly Magento Commerce, will benefit from new search and recommendation functions powered by Sensei. The new Live Search feature allows merchants to add searchandising functionality to their website, giving their customers personalized search results that get smarter over time.

At the same time, improvements to Adobe’s product recommendation feature aim to incorporate more B2B purchasing scenarios into the recommendation rules. This improvement aims to take into account the nuances of the buying behavior of a B2B buyer, then to adapt the recommendations according to his area of ​​interest.

Adobe Sign Integration

Adobe also announced the upcoming integration of Adobe Commerce and Adobe Sign to make electronic signatures a more natural part of the payment process. Adobe Commerce merchants will be able to integrate Adobe Sign into their storefront by downloading the Adobe Sign extension from the Magento marketplace, Adobe says. Global deployment of this feature is scheduled for the second half of this year.

Regarding the financing service, Adobe has partnered with Wayflyer to provide access to its financing solution via an extension for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source merchants.

According to Adobe, this new financing option will allow merchants to access working capital loans to help them improve and grow their online businesses. The loans can also be used by Magento merchants who qualify to upgrade to the latest Adobe Commerce platform.

Source: .com

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