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Some information causes a mixed feeling of surprise and incomprehension. And, no matter what some “experts” try to present, much more often in relation to the traditional economy than to its decentralized digital version. With Europe and its central bank (ECB) in the lead, always quickly excelling after dubious statements and positions. And the last one is generally surreal, with the choice of the giant Amazon in the list of participants in the creation of its digital euro (e-euro). Is it to say?

The first reaction to this announcement was as quick as it was visceral: Google checking—already knowing the answer—the nationality of Amazon. Because, without diving into misplaced chauvinism, what is this American e-commerce giant doing in creating a digital euro? And in that case, why not immediately accept the Euro Coin (EUROC) coin, already functioning since the end of June and launched by Circle, also registered in the USA.

A question to be asked of the members of the European Central Bank (ECB) responsible for “selecting external companies to jointly prototype user interfaces for the digital euro”. Because that’s the official name given to this approach that was made public yesterday. This is part of the implementation of a test version of the integration of the e-euro “with prototypes developed by companies.” The whole program…


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Amazon – responsible for the delivery of the digital euro

Undoubtedly, the giant Amazon is by far the leader in everything related to e-commerce. And, therefore, his choice may seem legitimate in the context of this decision. However, there are certainly European players capable of offering the same services “among (the) group of 54 external providers” selected by the European Central Bank in this dossier. At least for the promotion of fintech companies in the euro area, as part of the introduction of a digital version of … the euro. But it doesn’t matter, because it was Jeff Bezos’s company that just officially won control of the “e-commerce payments” sector in this full-size test.

“The prototyping exercise is an important part of the ongoing two-year research phase of the digital euro project. It is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2023, when the ECB will also publish its findings. »


And next to it are 4 other companies responsible for various parameters of this test procedure. With the Spanish financial company CaixaBank on “peer-to-peer online payments”. As well as the French multinational payment company Worldline for everything related to “offline peer-to-peer payments.” And finally, Nexi, an Italian electronic payment company, to manage “point of sale payments initiated by the recipient.” And finally, of course, the European Payments Initiative (EPI), initiated by the European Central Bank to create a pan-European interbank payment network capable of competing with the giants Visa and Mastercard.


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An ad that didn’t finish responding. Especially when you consider that the estimated date for the return of copies of this “prototyping exercise” has been pushed back to the first quarter of 2023. And this has nothing to do with the delivery – still quite theoretical – of an efficient and functional digital euro. Maybe this will happen with the help of drones from Amazon? But, in any case, do not worry, because this Central Bank Digital Currency (MNBC) will immediately allow you to continue spending your e-Euros on the site of this e-giant.-American Trade…

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